AndyTorresCowboyJacket4AndyTorresCowboyJacket1 AndyTorresCowboyJacket AndyTorresCowboyJacket3 AndyTorresCowboyJacket6 AndyTorresCowboyJacket5I’M WEARING  >>  Leather Jacket: River Island  |  T-Shirt: ASOS  |  Shoes: H&M  |  Jeans: River Island  |  Sunglasses: Saint Laurent  |  Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Bracelet: Hermes  |  Watch: Salvatore Ferragamo

Seems like this week has been about the old pieces revival. You probably wouldn’t believe me but I have had this leather jacket on the pile of things to get rid off for about 2 years, I just never got around to do it. Yesterday as I was getting dressed I started going through this pile looking for something completely different and then I found this. I have to confess, I was never into fringes but I kind of really have a new found love for this jacket. Maybe it was waiting for me all along and maybe I will give it away someday, just not yet.

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124 thoughts on “RESCUED

  1. Love when that happens, when you can find in your closet something that you were thinking of giving away or simply just forgot about and suddenly it’s perfect in an outfit!:)

  2. It can be so hard to give clothes away for this exact reason – it’s always great when you find an awesome piece to revive from your closet! XO, D

  3. love the jacket! it’s so pretty and i adore the combination you made, all black really makes the jacket pop
    xx ish

  4. I can’t believe you were going to get rid of that jacket, it’s awesome! I always have a tough time getting rid of clothes incase I find that I actually like them again a few years down the line, hah! I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes just like these ones you have here, but I can’t find the perfect pair!

    Joanne |

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