AndyTorresKissGlasses10AndyTorresKissGlasses2 AndyTorresKissGlasses5 AndyTorresKissGlasses3 AndyTorresKissGlasses4 AndyTorresKissGlasses8 AndyTorresKissGlasses6 AndyTorresKissGlassesI’M WEARING  >>  Coat: H&M Trend (coming soon)  |  Dress: ZARA  |  Boots: Balenciaga  |  Backpack: ASOS  |  Sunglasses: Bought in Barcelona  |  Earring: Dior  |  Rings: Tom Wood  |  Watch: Daniel Wellington

Coming from Summer weather in Mexico to premature Autumn weather in Amsterdam hasn’t been a surprise at all, in fact I expected it. On a positive note, this has enabled me to wear things I’ve been itching to wear for a few weeks, like this beautiful navy blue coat. You know, I don’t mind a bit of chill as long as I can still go barelegged and get some sunshine, specially when I get to wear this amazingly quirky and cheap pair of kiss shaped sunglasses I found in Barcelona this summer. 1 euro flat! Can you believe it?

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115 thoughts on “PREMATURE AUTUMN

  1. I watched your TED talk. Very inspirational. I want to become a journalist, and since I don’t have “professional” experience, I’m going to start on my own through blogging.

    I’m glad I found you.


  2. I’m OBSESSED with anything lip-print or kiss-shaped so I can’t tell tell you how much I envy you. 1 euro for the cutest sunglasses?? I wish I had stumbled upon them when I was in Barcelona!

  3. I love those quirky sunnies… I’m a sucker for cheap street sunglasses, especially when they’re really unique!
    Personally I can’t wait to start dressing for autumn; I love layers and I have a sort of coat-collecting habit :)

    <3 dani

  4. I completely agree with you, I can’t wait to wear some of my new autumn finds, especially blazers and sweatshirts :)
    Love the coat, it’s perfect as well as your backpack! :)
    Have a great week!

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