Damn Jet-lag, seriously. I very rarely perform radio silence on the blog but in the past 3 days, I have been in zombie status like never before…I normally try to stay awake as late as possible when coming back to Europe from the West, but this time its been so hard and the 5 hour naps in the afternoon seem pretty inevitable. This means I stay up until about 3 or 4 am binging on “Bates Motel” on Netflix and I ended up waking up at 5:00pm today. My body thinks this is normal, at the end of the day 5:00pm CET is only 1o:00am in Mexico. Now the worrying thing is, will I get over this monster jet-lag just in time to fly west again? I cannot be suffering from this in New York, please!!!

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45 thoughts on “MONSTER JET-LAG

  1. Adore the shades! Jet lag is the worst, hope you’re feeling better soon. Jet lag is the main reason I always try to minimise flying long distances.

  2. Acaba de ocurrirme lo opuesto, vengo llegando a Mexico de Paris y el maldito jetlag no me deja! Mucha suertea, espero estes lista para NYFW!

  3. What horrible feeling! Force yourself to stay awake until your normal bed time and force yourself to get up at your normal wake up time. Drink lots of coffee, it may help!

    Laura xx

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