Another one for the “on repeat” playlist. I remember when I discovered The Dø a few years ago, while I was on a trip to Copenhagen. Then it was all about “Too Insistent” which I played until the song was so glued in my brain, I would dream about and and wake up humming it while brushing my teeth. Obsessed I tell you. Keep your lips sealed its my new The Dø obsession and boy does it feel fitting right now, sometimes its better to keep your lips sealed, seriously…

To listen to this tune, click HERE.

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20 thoughts on “KEEP YOUR LIPS SEALED

  1. Me gusta ver tu programa “click” en el canal de casa club.. es entretenido y lo que hablas de la moda me gusta! :)

    Yo también soy blogger.. escribo reseñas,opiniones entre otras cosas.. Les dejaré el link de mi tumblr para que mi sigan :)

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