August 5, 2014 in Beauty by Andy


Aside from stating the obvious, which is just stepping out of bed, I am one of those people who don’t consider themselves a morning person. With that said, whenever I force myself out of bed really early, I feel really happy about my level of productivity, but Jezzz, getting out of bed on the first place is such a struggle. I guess its partly because I love sleeping and partly because I was probably a bear in my other life so I am not going to blame myself at all, its in my genes!

I share this because I have tried so many things to get me out of bed without having someone throwing water on my face while I am still in it, or making my bedside table a coffee station, with my OCD that would NEVER work…As I was reading upon some remedies on the internet, I came across with one that seemed a bit too simple to be effective but it works! and finally I can kiss my; “I CANT GET OUT OF BED!” problems goodbye. Maybe…

So what is it?, Simple >> Go buy strong mints at your local convenient store or supermarket. You know, the ones you buy when you are about to go on a date and you want your breath to smell like you drank the whole bottle of Listerine? (you aren’t supposed to drink listerine by the way). Keep the mints on your bedside table and as soon as your alarm goes mental, take a mint and place it in your mouth. Apparently the sugar and the strength of the mint flavor wont let you fall back asleep? I don’t know the chemistry reaction that goes behind this but try it tomorrow morning! So far it has worked for me. Finally!

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