AndyTorresOperaParis8 AndyTorresOperaParis5AndyTorresOperaParis3 AndyTorresOperaParis9 AndyTorresOperaParis2 AndyTorresOperaParis AndyTorresOperaParis4 AndyTorresOperaParis6 AndyTorresOperaParis10I’M WEARING  >>  Shorts & Shirt: & Other stories  |  Vest: Malene Birger  |  Shoes: Rolando Santana  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  Ring: Tom Wood  |  Shark Tooth Earring: Fashionology.nl

HAPPINESS!!!, I am flying to Mexico today, today! YES!!! I am so freaking happy about this. I haven’t touched Mexican land for over half a year and I miss it so much!…I am attending the opening of Yamamay’s new store in Mexico City tomorrow and I get to meet some of my Mexican readers which makes me so incredibly happy. Follow my journey on instagram!

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Photos by Richard Nicholls

127 thoughts on “EN ROUTE

  1. I have a vest similar to yours and didn’t quite know how to style it. Your outfit is so pretty and fun, I’m going to try something similar but in my own style.
    Have a good day Andy!

  2. So lucky, I don’t set foot in mexican grounds for over I don’t know how many hears, 10 I think (and now I’m really sad just realizing that)!
    Enjoy your stay there. :)

  3. That laughing pictures is the best! You should post more of these “posing gone wrong” pictures, they’re so much fun.
    And can’t wait for posts from Mexico!
    Bowtie Diary

  4. Hola Andy, me interesa mucho saber donde te veras con tus lectores en Mexico? Estoy en Monterrey, pero llego hoy en la noche a DF. Me encantaria ir a verte!!! Carol Mirez (de Irapuato, viviendo en DF, viajan por todo el país)

  5. Love what you are wearing. & Other Stories has some really great stuff.
    Hope you enjoy your time in Mexico! It must be difficult lucid away from you’re friends and family so make the most of it!


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