AndyTorresShorts3 AndyTorresShorts5AndyTorresShorts4 AndyTorresShorts2 AndyTorresShorts AndyTorresShorts6I’M WEARING  >>  Shorts: ZARA  |  Shirt: H&M Men  |  Sunglasses: Sonia Rykiel  |  Bracelet: Hermes  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Sandals: ZARA

Once again, seems like my plans are about to completely change and even if I started to doubt if I was going to Mexico at all this summer, I might be flying there next week. I haven’t been there for over half a year and Its always so strange for me to be away for this long. I am used to living abroad but I am still  reminded of my Mexican culture every where I go…I cant wait to eat the food! We have the best food! Really…

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  1. Gorgeous Andy! You totally deserve the 1 Million Likes you reached at Facebook, you’re such a great inspiration for me! Please, never stop!