AndyTorresDenim5AndyTorresDenimAndyTorresDenim4AndyTorresDenim2 AndyTorresDenim7 AndyTorresDenim1 AndyTorresDenim6 AndyTorresDenim3I’M WEARING  >>  Dress: & Other Stories  |  Boots: By Malene Birger  |  Sunglasses: Miu Miu  |  Jacket: ASOS  |  Bag: Neri Karra

Two things I have forgotten I had and I feel so silly for neglecting all this time are these incredible boots and this “very unlike me” dress, which I wasn’t very sure at first but then I made it a little shorter and voila! Now I love it…I often get asked to describe my style in one word. Well, the honest answer to that is that I don’t know. I mean, I wear what I like and that goes from gym clothes, to giant tulle skirts, to menswear suits, to extreme flare jeans. I don’t think I could describe my style in one word like they often ask me and I am glad. As long as I keep having fun coming up with new looks of the day for you :) .

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98 thoughts on “EASY BREEZY

  1. I just added an oversized denim jacket to my wardrobe and am absolutely loving it! It’s so easy to style, just like a leather biker. I love how you’re able to take trends and different pieces and make them your own!

    But seriously, how hard is it to describe your style! I get asked all the time now too and find it just as difficult each time.


  2. I really hope you include a link for the jacket. I’ve been looking for a denim jacket on ASOS recently, but I haven’t found anything like it.
    Your style looks great, as always!!

  3. Love this outfit! It’s so carefree but stylish at the same time – my ideal daily attire! Can’t wait to get my boots out for fall :)

    xx, M

  4. Haha, I also think this dress is very unlike you at my first sight. But now I’m in love with it and those incredible boots!!
    I got many inspiration when I see how you styling in difference ways. That’s why I’m so look forward to check StyleScrapbook every day!! Keep going Andy – wear what you like!! ;)

  5. Love the dress you are wearing! It looks so light and summery.
    Love the boots you paired with the outfit.


  6. So the one word for your style might be just schizophrenic ;-) Like you get to live different characters through your style. I do the same thing, so I think that’s great!

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