August 8, 2014 in Fashion by Andy


I was recently asked in a few interviews about how the blogosphere has become so competitive and how bloggers are now competition to each other…My view on this is very simple and I thought that instead of only answering this question on an interview, I should share this with you as well.

Think of a blog as a TV series. I personally binge watch series on Netflix and HBO as much as I binge on reading my favorite blogs on bloglovin. EVERY DAY. No, Orange is the New Black doesn’t make me love Game Of Thrones any less because its a different series, I watch them both equally excited. Or how about House Of Cards? Have you watched it? Completely different concept, still nail biting and amazing in its own way. Well, thats how I see blogs.Sure, some TV series are more viewed that others, same with blogs but the fact that you love watching one, doesn’t mean that you wont watch the other. You will watch both and probably make a Saturday of staying in pajamas, eating takeout and not leaving the couch.

There is a market for everything, everyone has different taste and freedom to consume any content they want, whether it’s online or on television. So no, I don’t think bloggers are competing against each other, we just cater to different audiences and its up to us to create the best possible content for you to keep coming back.

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