AndyTorresSanMiguel5 AndyTorresSanMiguel6AndyTorresSanMiguel AndyTorresSanMiguel2 AndyTorresSanMiguel7 AndyTorresSanMiguel3 AndyTorresSanMiguel4I’M WEARING  >>  Dress: H&M  |  Sandals: Senso  |  Denim Jacket: ASOS  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  Watch: Daniel Wellington  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler

I am not going to say that I have learnt to pack light throughout this years, because I really haven’t at all. I pack a lot, but I have become a bit smarter when it comes to what to bring. I carry minimum amount of accessories like bags and shoes and try to fill that space with more clothes to be able to shoot more. This is a big reason why I keep flashing the same bag lately and as my mother told me the moment she saw me again; You really do love that bag don’t you? Yes I do!

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142 thoughts on “AND WE GO

  1. I have been loving denim jackets recently and the ASOS jacket looks amazing. Oh and I love the bag too.

  2. I like those pictures so much, there’s something different about them. Of course the dress is fabulous with the shoes and bag, but the pictures have a definite aura which makes them even better. Maybe it’s Mexico!
    Bowtie Diary

  3. You have the best H&M pieces! I’m not sure if we just don’t get the amazing stuff here in Canada or if you’re just a really good shopper, but I’m jealous! Love the pics! xo, Sarah

  4. Andy me encanta tu estilo, eres una de mis mayores referencias y envidio muchísimo tu fondo de armario!
    Posas genial en las fotos y además eres preciosa, una TOP totalmente.
    Sin duda te sigo casi desde hará dos años y gracias a ti me animé con mi blog de moda, ojalá algún día pueda llegar a ser como tú!

    El vestido y la cazadora son preciosos, y el bolso me tiene enamorada, regálamelo! jajjajaaaj es broma pero qué envidia…

    Muchos besos guapa,

  5. Haha it is funny, I always stuck with a bag for some time although I am in my city.. Anyways, your photos of Mexico make me really jealous, I wanna be there :)

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