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Sometimes its easy to get side tracked from what really matters in life and I remember as a kid when “grown ups” said that one day we would realize how its the simple things that really matter, what really make you happy and they were so right. Two days ago it hit me, more than ever before. I could go on and on about why this time in Paris has been magical, but maybe saying that I got to ride a bike by the Seine river at the golden hour in Paris, while trying to dodge crowds wouldn’t seem like such an amazing experience at all. There I was, taking my first Parisian bike ride when the sun began to set. It was hot, more than I can remember Paris being all the other times, there were people everywhere and I was having a hard time passing everyone by without almost crashing any second but I caught myself smiling, from ear to ear, the whole time. Gosh I felt so freaking happy! It was me riding a rented bike around Paris, nothing fancy, but the simplicity and perfection of the moment meant everything, I felt overjoyed. The grown ups were right. I don’t need to drive a Masseratti or own thousands of designer bags, happiness is the small moments that you share with people who mean a lot to you, memories that will be with you for a life time, not material things…

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  1. wow wow wow realmente te inspiraste me encanto el blog sigue así y que Dios te bendiga en todos los demás momentos de tu vida :D

  2. Such wise words! And coming from a fashion blogger, this is remarkable ;) You are totally right; material things can make our lives more fun, but they can’t possibly make us happy! I’m glad you enjoyed the time spent in Paris.



  3. You’re so right about what you wrote. I’m a blogger in Guatemala and I dream all the time about having a lot of things, but then I realize that the things I own are not what matters the most. I enjoy every moment while shooting and doing what I love. That’s what matters!

    Love your blog Andy. Keep it up! :*

    Greetings from Guatemala!!


  4. Being in Paris this month and having quite a few experiences with Velib, I can understand how magical that moment was. (I can also sympathize about the heat and dodging crowds on a bicycle…not easy!) Cheers to true happiness and life’s simplest pleasures!

  5. Yes that’s exactly what I tell my Granddaughters :-D
    And the smile I had cycling to Paris and around Paris last year with friends was the grin of a big kid..

  6. I got goosebumps while reading this…oh man is it a dream of mine to live in that wonderful city :) I can’t wait until it’s my turn to ride along the Seine! <3

  7. Happy Birthday Andy!
    You deserve to have a fabulous birthday weekend. All the best.


  8. So true Andy! While I was reading your post I could feel a “vibe” of happiness and excitement =)

    I hope you’re still enjoying it and spreading your joy! Happy birthday btw!

    Kisses from Argentina!

  9. So true. Beautifully spoken. I have those moment when I always want more, want bigger things to happen, but when I step back for a moment and realize what I already have, I know life as it is, is pretty good. I’m happy, healthy and I love my family. It’s the little things in life that can make you feel overjoyed. Love this article and stunning sunset :)

  10. Yes, you’re right!! When we grown ups, everythings just want to keep simple and its always make us easier to get the happiness!! :D

  11. Amazing pictures!
    I rode a bike through Paris only while I was there with school. It was one of the scariest experiences ever but looking back at the end it was all worth it! Paris is amazing! :)

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