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I am not a morning person -at all-, yet whenever I am on holiday, I wake up as early as possible to make sure my day is as long as it can be. When I found that I was going to spend a few days at Forte Village in Sardinia, I immediately thought: “6:00 sunrise shoots at the beach!!!” and I do anything I can to make it happen. Morning light is unlike anything else, the only problem is that it changes rapidly as the sun rises very quickly. I didn’t quite get the light I wanted but hey, at least I started my day extremely early and managed to enjoy from the sea just a little bit longer ;)

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105 thoughts on “WAKE UP CALL

  1. I’m like you when it comes to holiday. I’m not a morning person too but I think 6am is still pushing it for me. Maybe 9am to start sounds comfortable for me. LOL!! I really like your skirt and I’m glad to see you enjoying some time in the sun =)

  2. As much as I’d like to wake up early to make the most out of a vacation, I tend to sleep in since I hardly get a chance to do that during a work week…
    Love the skirt, glad you woke up to take pics :P

  3. Very nice print shirt. Love the skirt!

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  4. the pictures are awesome! <3 and if i could force myself to stand up so early, i would be really happy, but i think i'm just so not a morning person :D

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