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There were barely any waves and the sea looked like an enormous turquoise blue pool which made me want to be in the water all day, only making me hungry every 2 hours. I don’t think I can really explain the flavors on the fruits and vegetables I tried while in Sardinia. On my first breakfast there, I grabbed a plate full of fruit as I always do on every hotel I stay at. This was different tho and I couldn’t believe what happened the moment I had my first bite of that fresh fig, or the big red plums. Every flavor was 10 times stronger, sweeter, better than everything I have tried. Maybe the restaurant manager saw my face while I was eating, or that fact that I kept repeating; Oh my god this fruit! I have never tasted, really tasted fruit like this before. “Everything is locally grown in the island and we are famous for our figs here”, I wish we had figs like this were I live, I really really wish we did.

Being here wasnt only about relaxing by the beach, I did spend a chunk of my time eating, a lot! Maybe thats why I was trying my hardest to wake up early for a gym workout, so I didn’t waste my day in there, the morning didn’t matter and it just helped me work on my appetite. One of my favorite experiences was eating at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Forte Village by the sea, while the sunset was going down. I guess I was secretly hoping he could have been in the kitchen cursing and working his magic -Gordon Ramsay that is-, but of course the chef did make me go woahhh with the food we got served. Once again I realized how much I enjoy eating and how I -a million times over- prefer to have a very busy fitness lifestyle, than not allowing myself to eat the things I love.

Huge thanks to Forte Village for such an amazing experience food, and hospitality, just the very very best!

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  1. The problem is that the fruits in Holland taste of nothing!! ;)

    Great post Andy!! You always look so beautiful!!

  2. Great pictures!The food and the water is amazing!

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  3. Whoah, what a great summer pictures – and a fun read! Just returning from Valencia, I recognize your fruit story a lot .. every fruit or veggie seemed to taste more intense over there (and often was a lot bigger than here in holland too..). Gotta love the sun :)

    X STYLONYM http://www.stylonym.blogspot.com

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