AndyTorresVendome8 AndyTorresVendome7AndyTorresVendome6 AndyTorresVendome AndyTorresVendome5 AndyTorresVendome3 AndyTorresVendome2 AndyTorresVendome4I’M WEARING  >>  Blazer: Vintage  |  Shorts: ZARA (old)  |  Shoes: ACNE  |  T-Shirt: H&M men  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Watch: Ferragamo

When I was in Sao Paulo, my dear friend Stephanie told me;  “I remember what you were wearing when I first discovered your blog!. It was a turquoise blazer that I fell in love with”. I think its was such a sweet confession and it made me feel so honored and grateful to be followed by such amazing and lovely people who actually remember few of the things I have worn in the past. Stephanie’s comment  made me remember I owned this amazing blazer and I cant for the life of me forgive myself for having it hiding in the closet all these years.

First of all: Stephanie, I miss you so much! And second of all, I love the fact that you remember which is the first post you saw on StyleScrapbook, it made me feel so happy to hear you say that! <3

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103 thoughts on “THE COMEBACK

  1. I remember that blazer as well! And oh, how I loved it! So cool that you brought it out again!
    Actually, one of the posts that got me to follow you was the one where you DIYed a yellow clutch bag… I immediately went to the fabric store and made myself a blue and brown one.
    Bowtie Diary

  2. the second outfit I fell in love with was a maxi printed skirt , a grey t-shirt & above it a navy blazer. awesome :)

  3. my confession is that the first post I saw u was wearing the golden zara top & over it a black blazer with jeans & heals & under the golden sweater a white top this was also amazing.I like how u make clotjes artistic or u let clothes say hey look its different in a special way ♥♥ You soo much

  4. El blazer esta super bonito, yo recuerdo que te descucrí por el concurso de MANGO LOVES FASHION BLOGGERS, primero pensé que eras española y cuando descubrí que eras mexicana me volví ultrafan, me sentí muy feliz al ver que una mexicana estaba llegando tan alto <3


  5. Oh Andy! You are so sweet!
    It was amazing meeting you and discover that you are even more special in personal :)
    And this blazer, ahn? Awesome <3

    Miss u, too, babe!

  6. De hecho si, cuando pusiste la foto en tu instagram fue como “Oh el blazer azul! Long time no see”, tu estilo ha evolucionado un chorro y creo qe va mejorando cada vez, y las piezas nuevas que tienes estan muy suaves, pero tambien esta muy muy cool, que uses cosas que hace mucho que no usabas, es muy interesante ver como las combinas ahora, que creo que es una de las partes divertidas de la moda y el estilo personal, bueno, gracias andy! y sigue sacando cosas de lo mas profundo del closet

  7. Oh, I remember this beautiful blazer!! Happy to see the comback and I love how you style in difference way!! Stunning as always!! ;)

  8. I get why she fell in love with this jacket… It is a gorgeous piece!

    It must fell so good to have such great fans!


  9. The turquoise blazer is one of my favourite pieces in your wardrobe. Such a great vintage find.


  10. Love this outfit, your friend is right it’s a beautiful blazer. I think I first discovered you on Lookbook some years ago and you were wearing a Moschino belt with something purple and have followed your awesome looks ever since! x

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