AndyTorresTeamMexico4 AndyTorresTeamMexico2AndyTorresTeamMexico9 AndyTorresTeamMexico10AndyTorresTeamMexico AndyTorresTeamMexico6 AndyTorresTeamMexico5 AndyTorresTeamMexico3I’M WEARING  >>  Track Jacket: Mexico’s uniform by Adidas  |  Dress: StyleStalker  |  Shoes: ZARA  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  Hat: H&M Paris Collection  |  Rings: Tom Wood

Seems like “everyone” has caught the World Cup bug. I was personally surprised about how much I got into it, considering I don’t really like or watch soccer in any other occasion.
I managed to get my hands on this Team Mexico track jacket a few days ago and I always feel so proud while I wear it. I might be far far away from home, but I always take pride on my beautiful country and its amazing people.

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101 thoughts on “TEAM WORK

  1. me encanta como combinas las cosas haciendo que la sudaderita se vea tan cool con ese vestido tan simple. Bueno tmb la arremangada se me hace q hace mucha diferencia =)
    saludos desde mty

  2. Well, I have to say that on this World Cup Mexico was my and only FAV! In my own opinion, Mexico is showed from all teams most!!!! I was soo sad about such a result on the end… but you go Mexico next time! :)

    Love, C.

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