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From Miami, to Sweden, to Sardinia to Barcelona, this summer has been truly perfect -and hectic- so far. Seems like I have been binging on the beach, sun and sand (apart from Sweden), but I cant remember when last I went to the beach so many times in such a short period of time.
I spent the weekend in Barcelona which is one of my favorite cities in Europe and FINALLY managed to catch up with my bestie Carolina after not seeing each other since London Fashion Week last february. I remember when she used to live in Stockholm and we used to see each other every other month. Now that she moved to New York, we rarely see each other and have to rely on whatsapp for communication, now I am just counting down the days until she gives me the news that she will be moving back to Europe, soon, please man! Do it!!!

I spent the weekend with a group of Swedish friends going around the sights, eating A LOT and celebrating a post wedding at one of the most amazing venues in the city….I am back home now and ready to get back into work mode, or try at least.

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