I have been haunting down this bag for a very long time, I just couldn’t make my mind up on which color I wanted. While I was in Paris for my birthday I finally decided to get the red version but they didn’t have it anymore, it was a summer color they said and well, it went on sale and got sold out in no time. I sort of had lost hope until I walked into a shop in Amsterdam and of all places, it was there patiently waiting for me and on sale! SCORE!!!!

While I was at the store I went trough a moment of confusion since they also had the blue version, even some of you told me through Facebook that I should go for that one instead. Then I realized it was the red one I’ve been wanting all along, plus I could use some color on my accessories, specially when winter comes. I think the red one was a great choice but if you also like the blue one, its on sale here.

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74 thoughts on “SCORE

  1. Such a great bag! You are absolutely right, in fall and winter there is just a LOT of need for color. Great choice that you picked the red one :) xx

    1. They had it in shoebaloo dear but I got the last red. Maybe they still have the blue version?

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