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If I am dreaming, please don’t wake me up and if I am not, please make it last just a little longer….

Once again I have become so attached to a place and a routine, I will find it incredibly hard to pack my bags and leave -Its not every day that I get to stay in an award winning luxury resort with michelin star restaurants and a top of the notch spa (pinch me please, or not). You know, I used to think of myself as a person who fought against routines, or maybe not fought but resisted them as much as possible. As I have grown up I’ve come to realize I was so wrong, I thrive on them, they make me feel productive and well, happy.

Today I realized my routine at Forte Village for the past few days has been pure bliss and yeah, its not something I can keep up with but I have enjoyed it as much as I can. Waking up at 6;30 to start my day at the gym during a holiday might seem nuts to some and maybe it is but the thought of starting my day with a good workout followed by a big breakfast buffet makes me happy, so freaking happy, specially when you have 3 big colorful parrots keeping you company…Post breakfast and before the beach gets crowded one must score the best possible spot on the beach, otherwise you will end up behind someone else’s beach parasol while staring at the back of their heads and occasionally spotting them taking selfies, which is -lets be honest-, a tad amusing -and embarrassing considering I have been caught a time or 2-.

Its not time to wake up yet so Im going back to sleep…..

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104 thoughts on “SARDINIA

  1. waking up early and getting a killer workout in no matter what always feels so fricken awesome doesnt it?? even on holiday! ;)

  2. I wish I were you honestly!!! travelling, tasting different foods, being in a different place almost every month, meting new people… you have an amazing life Andy, enjoy your endless dream. My best wishes for you. I’m also trying to make my dreams come true so please if you have a minute visit my blog, new post up today!


  3. I’m so happy you visited my land! Hope to have you soon! Next year you might visit Villasimius :)

  4. Love love love the look of Sardinia – you have really made me want to go there! Glad you are enjoying yourself! Well done for gumming through your holiday, I always want to but never get around to it :)
    Anisa – The Macadames. xx

  5. these pictures are sooo awesome! i am also going to sardinia in two weeks, so i am really looking forward to it! enjoy your stay, it looks beautiful!

  6. it’s so much fun to read your posts … I know you through your blog and you really inspire me everyday … god bless you Andy
    kisses from Georgia

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