Last Friday was my first time of baring the “real world” without my iPhone and damn, it was hard…Yes this sounds ridiculous, absurd, insane but its the truth and its not only my truth, but the truth of the society we live in.

I left home in a rush as usual, I needed to get to the office but the fact that I not only carry a backpack with most of my blogger belongings (computer, cables etc), I also carry a purse and an umbrella -The weather app says there will be a thunder storm and I sure as hell don’t want to get wet, so let me grab an umbrella as well-. I ran to the tram and as I sat down, I immediately reached out for my phone, you know, to catch up on instagram, facebook, whatsapp…Where is my phone!? SHIT!!!, somebody stole my iPhone while I was walking to the tram!. No, thats impossible, my backpack was closed and there’s no chance somebody could have taken it without me noticing, NOT POSSIBLE. I left my iPhone at home, carrying all this distracting things made me forget my beloved iPhone at home.

I sat on the tram feeling so anxious and even found myself having a physical reaction to the fact that I didn’t have my phone with me, I felt so uneasy, like a tingly feeling in my body, it made me feel sick!…Then I got scared; How does not having a phone with me makes me feel so “naked”,so out of place, so lost?. This is a very scary and worrying though that haunted me the whole tram ride…As I sat there and noticed people around me interacting with their phones, it made me feel like I didn’t belong and it wasn’t a good feeling but then it got me thinking: Why have I let myself fall into this dependency towards an object? Is it because it keeps me connected to the world? OR have I become addicted to using it?

Half way down my train ride, I pulled out a book which I had conveniently placed in my backpack just before I left my apartment. I haven’t read in a while even though I love reading, but my iPhone stole that precious time out of me. This morning I promised myself to start reading again, what I didn’t expect was to leave home without my phone, which basically pushed me into pulling my book out my bag…Its the first time I had sat on that tram ride reading a book and it made me feel “human” again, it made me feel a bit old school and actually, really good!. I went from having a mild panic attack to a moment of realization…Have I let this iPhone addiction gone too far? and when am I going to make it stop?

I would love to know your thoughts on this, do you also feel a phone dependency? How can we make this stop?

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