I consider myself to be a person who tries to get challenged into trying new things. As a girl growing up in a small city, where “everything” you would wear, specially considered out of the ordinary would be a bit of a joke to people around you, I forced myself to change my approach towards styling when I moved to Europe. I do believe on taking risks when it comes to styling and I have taken a beating or two on this very blog because of it.

With that said, I don’t or at least I try not to fall into every single trend I see out there, Why? Simply because 1) I don’t like them or 2)I don’t think they would suit me….Birkenstocks with socks is one of these trends. I admire people who have attempted this trend and perhaps even nailed it, but I personally cant get my head around it.

As I was walking in Paris, I saw a very adorable old man crossing the street, he was wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts, very suitable considering it was about 35 degrees outside, but then I looked a little lower and thats when it hit me! He was wearing a brown pair of Birkenstocks with some sort of mid calf white sport socks. Yes! thats where I have seen it before! This “trend” isn’t new, no no, this has been around for as long as I remember, I only remember it differently.

I am quite certain and I would even dare to say 100% sure that when you were a younger, you probably saw a man walking around the beach, city or what not wearing Birkenstocks with socks and I am QUITE certain you told your Father; If you ever wear that Dad, I will deny I am your daughter! and with that said, I am also sure you used to find this trend atrocious.

Now fast forward a few years and this trend has become big, but why?

I would like to clarify that I denied myself the pleasure of attempting this trend simply because its not something for me. I do own a pair of Birkenstocks which I bought out of impulse a year ago, but they are sadly sitting in my closet. I am always curious to see people attempting this trend and I am not in any way criticizing them, I am just curious as in why this has become “something”. If you know, please do enlighten me.

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  1. Like you I come from a small city, and like you after my first travels around the world to study I changed my mind and started to experiment a lot!
    I’ve always, ALWAYS, hated Birkenstocks! Don’t ask me why, I really don’t know. But if you ask me if I hate something to wear more than Birkenstocks I’ll say Birkenstocks with socks!!!!


  2. Dear Andy,
    There are many many shoes that are comfortable and can still be feminine. Plain fact!
    Love that you speak your mind!

  3. I had exactly the same thought when I first saw the Vogue editorial named “The Ugly Shoes Trend” which was dedicated to those mannish, ugly, Birks! The truth is that they are really comfortable, but that’s not an excuse. If fashion was about comfort, no woman would wear killer heels. And that’s a fact, I have never seen a woman getting dressed to go to a fashion event or somewhere she knows there will be photographers, and chose comfort instead of style. So we are absolutely talking about a trend that as all the other ones will fade away in a few months.

    P.S. I totally understand your perspective of a girl growing up on a small town, as I was in the same position as you!


  4. Wow, finally someone admitted this! i absolutely completely 100% agree with you! i just can’t seem to get this trend, birks are something my dad used to wear and i used to loather them on him! thats just my perspective!
    And, if being comfy is the key, then there are types of shoe/sandals as well that are equally comfy and wayyyy more classier and nice looking!
    and with socks, i just in my head does not work! Like just no!

  5. Funny thing, we’re wondering the same. Just wrapped our heads around Birkenstocks, and slides in general, but can’t get around to understand the sudden love for Birks and socks. Guess to each his own. I know some people sure can pull it off. :)

  6. I own a pair too, but like you said, that’s not my style at all! And with sock, oh my gosh, i just wanna cry haha, i will never ever take that risk :/

  7. Trend I will definitely not be trying! No socks with anything besides tennis shoes for this girl over here in Oklahoma! :)

    XO Chloe

  8. They want the relative cool of not having a heavy shoe one while also have tactile issues? i know I hate having my feet bare, it feels wierd.

  9. creo que porque la gente pretende traer todas las tendencias de los años pasados y dentro de ellas esta incluido usar esta “nueva” moda. pero creo que lo retro o vintage tiene que ser un poco vanguardista o cool para poder acoplarse a estos años.

  10. I too have a lot of things to say about fashion and trends. Obviously, people who doesn’t follow trends and “in” fashion styles has their own way of expressing themselves. Generally, we are influenced by our backgrounds, tastes and feelings when it comes to choices and I think that gives us idea on how to show ourselves to people.

  11. I see it more like a trend that supports a “comfortable” way of life than any other thing. Yes, i’d wear it around my home, as it is indeed very comfortable.
    But on the streets, i’d rather choose something less “chill” and a bit more classy.
    But that’s just my style!

  12. Oh my god – Thank you for adressing this, I was starting to think I was going mad.
    When I saw the olsen twins in this trend I was stunned. Birkenstocks in general just aren’t for me but paired with socks – I don’t know how this is becoming acceptable! Not for me at all!

  13. Nice post, Andy! I think that the trend isn’t really birks+socks, I believe that the trend are socks themselves. I’ve noticed that for a while now, maybe you have too, but as far as I can tell, socks seem to be the main attraction on lots of fashion productions and I kind of get it, but I do believe it’s not for everyone. :)

  14. The Birks+Socks trend is resurfacing because these shoes ARE SO GOOD FOR YOUR FEET! Did you ever hear of ANYONE stubbing a toe while wearing Birki’s? Nosirree! I too resisted until this year … then purchased the ugliest Birki’s … pink printed leather! Now I am a fan. And there is something about a company that got popular with a minimum of advertising and started a trend by word of mouth that we love.

  15. First i just want to say i loved this post. Im a new subscriber and love your blog. Honesty is so difficult to find these days! I personally would never wear birkenstocks but on some people they can look awesome. I think what i dislike is socks with shoes. Socks with any type of shoes is a trend i cannot understand.

  16. I think this isn’t so much a trend as it is just plain comfortable. My friend wears her Birks around the house with socks and then takes off the socks when she goes out because she doesn’t like how they look.


  17. I have never in my life seen anyone wear this ‘trendy’ thing you speak of. However, my manfriend did wear ankle socks and plain slippers the other day. We were going to the pool and I noticed it but it seemed just comfortable instead of wearing actual shoes. I, myself was wearing sneakers without socks… ugh

    PLUS I think… the sock part is to eliminate sweat, because its so hot and all.

    I honestly just wear what I want and I bet that most people dont even put that much thought in their outfits. Just throw together some stuff that has already been approved when they bought it some time ago.

  18. Get where you’re coming from but not going to lie, I’m kind of obsessed with Birkenstocks right now so it’s hard for them to do any wrong. I personally can’t pull off birks with socks but I know a lot of girls that can/do and it’s just one of those things… no amount of styling or tips or whatever will make them look good on me, takes a certain something to wear this trend in particular.


  19. Hi Andy
    I can’t bear Birkenstocks at all. I wore a pair one during the rainy season in Japan one year and they turned into little boats, taking on water. Lucky that my feet didn’t start growing algae or barnacles. As soon as I got home, they were goneski and I get seasick every time I see a pair. Everyone who wears them should be fined.

  20. Hi Andy, once again it is here on your blog i read a post that is really Hard to find these days.
    I can’t find blogs with some trully negative opinion on some trend or products anymore lately
    Thats why i admire your personality, and of course your blog.

    And i completely unferstand the small City problem with diferent clothes and big city trends

    Much love from Brasil!

  21. Hi Andy! I completely agree with hating this trend, as much as i hate the SUPER MEGA RIPPED DESTROYED Jeans. I cannot understand that trend and ive seen you wearing it. The ripped jean tren I like, a little distroyed super relax outfit. I can even like it with high heel shoes. But dont understand a bit when you go out in all broken jeans as if you were a homeless (not you personally). If you can please id like to understand wy for you this trend is ok and birks+socks isnt!
    Besos desde argentina!

    1. Dear my point with this post was to hear your opinion about this trend. If you read the text again you will see that I wrote that I am always interested on seeing other people wear this trend the right way. This post is not to discredit any trend, is about me sharing my personal view on which trends I don’t think I would attempt, personally because I don’t think they would suit my style.
      I never said people shouldn’t try this trend and I always encourage people to experiment with their own style. I like wearing ripped jeans and that’s why I wear them. I don’t like Birkenstocks with socks and that’s why I don’t wear them.
      Wear what you like and like what you wear. There’s no right or wrong on this, it’s about your own perspective on things ;)

  22. Hi, Andy! A very sweet post of you and funny! But what get’s me wrong was the fact that you where surprised to see an old man wearing this “trend” ?! I don’t know how old you are, but THIS IS THE OLD MAN TREND EVER! :) All the grandpas wears it like this since years! But i don’t like it as well. Just because i’m a Blogger and almost everyone else (mostly Bloggers!) wears it, doesn’t mean that it’s gonna suit me too :)


  23. I wouldn’t even say that is a trend. I don’t even understand how people can think about wearing these things together. I’m from Czech Republic and it’s seems that each older men wears this “combo”. Even when it’s more than 30 degrees outside. I heard one little joke about wearing that in our state. “It is very hot when men did not take socks into sandals (birkenstock). Thanks for that, you got the point ;-)

  24. I love my Birkenstocks but I have to say that I have some older sandals. They have the Birkenstock sole(?) with some shoe straps made of leather. Actually they don’t look that much like Birkenstocks.
    Best regards

  25. I completely agree… I don’t get it either. I always thought that it was a comfort type of trend for the old generation. But went I saw it now on trend and I was like… noooo why??!!!! Some people think that the to have a sense of style they have to fallow all the trends of the moment, but they are absolutely wrong.


  26. Wow thank you! Finally a blogger who doesn’t get this trend either lol. I actually am not a fan of birks at all period. They’re just not my cup of tea especially now that they’re everywhere!! But hey to each its own .


  27. Birks (or any other strap sandals) and socks were definitely a thing in the mid 90s and I used to wear it, but not in the summer. It used to make it ok to wear sandals when it was cold…

  28. I don’t understand it either. It defies logic. If it is warm enough to wear sandals then why do you need socks? You don’t have to try every trend. I definitely don’t. If I think it is silly or doesn’t suit me I definitely pass. I have more of a classic style and since trends come and go I try not to spend money on them. If I do try a trend I do it on the cheap. Good for you for not caving to this hideous trend :)


  29. Thank you for voicing exactly what I’ve been thinking! I think some people purposely wear ugly things to be ironic, but I just don’t understand how it somehow transforms into an actual trend. I wish the Birkenstocks one would die already.

  30. Hey, Andy

    This is my first time to write down the comment. And I just want to say that I cannot agree with you more. :)
    super love u.

  31. Eeeeek! I thought I was the only one. I just can’t seem to bring myself round to trying this trend out. It’s not for me and I’d just look ridiculous. If you can pull it off though go for it. It just reminds me of the no no I was always told ‘no socks with sandals’. Great post x

  32. Agree with u and understand what u mean. I saw this trend many years ago on german tourists who cames in Italy for holidays and everybody thought tgat it was terrible but now is cool only because fasgion sistems decided it…bah!

    lb-lc Fashion blog

  33. Totally agree with this! I love the chunky sandals trend and think those can look cute with socks, however I’ve never ever liked birkenstocks. I guess this trend was inevitable considering the comfy fashion trend. There’s a lot of minimalist bloggers right now who get a lot of hype and wear the birkenstocks + socks trend with coats that look like bath robes and shirts + pants that look like pajamas. To each their own obviously but I just can’t see an outfit like that without imagining them going camping.


  34. I think Briken are really comfortable, but don’t think that socks with them are such a cool trend. If people want to wear them and feel great ok, but I won’t wear them with socks…

  35. Because some really stylish people, who probably got inspired by Celine’s furry sandals, went ‘hey, let’s take it up a notch – pair those Birks with socks!’ and they managed to pull it off. And then those who follow these stylish people, but unfortunately are not so stylish themselves, believe they can pull it off too. So the trend becomes big.

    I just think it boils down to people’s desire to be perceived as ‘cool’ or ‘different’ or ‘interesting’, and that they belong to this certain very special club where Birks + socks are so normal and effortless – or in today’s terms, very ‘hipster’.


  36. Honest to god, socks inside any type of sandal are what’s been known in POrtugal for over 40 years as “beef” – we call beefs to British people holydaying in Portugal, dunno why!! – and it has been seen as the worst of the worst of the worst things to wear, as it looks quite horrid in a country where Summer heat has been known to reach 40º. But!! Birks with no socks are really cool, are really nice, and most of all, are really comfy in the summertime. I’m all for birks with no socks inside, and I confess I am mother to a 5 year old boy who will not wear his own sandals without a pair of socks on his feet, despite the fact that I tell him all the time it is ugly and horrid and silly to go to the beach wearing socks…

  37. Hi dear! I’m sure you know this, fashion trends repeat themselves every ten years or so and they go in extremes every time they make a comeback. Short skirts for multiple seasons then boom lomg, maxi, medi skirts. Skinny jeans for multiple seasons amd then boom the 70s are back with wide bottoms. Jeweled sandals ans then boom we’re looking into oir dad’s shoe closet for his solid colored sandals.

    I never understood the birkenstocs either and quite frankly if it was up to be making laws, I would have banned them. Let’s just hope this won’t last for long and they go back to our dad’s closet for another 10 years or so.

    XOXO JuJu

  38. Hi Andy,
    thank you for this post! I feel the same way about this ‘trend’. I’ve even actually seen my dad wearing this combo when I was still a girl, and even though I knew little about fashion and style at the time, I told him to immediately take it off. I even asked him: ‘Why would you wear something like this?’ and guess what his response was? He said that this way his shoes wouldn’t give him blisters. So, as you see, it certainly had nothing in common with being adventurous when it comes to fashion and new trends ;)

    As for me, I only buy things that literally put me in a good mood. To me it usually means that the piece has a flattering cut, it’s a bit sexy or really original and intriguing. I won’t wear something that I consider ugly (that is why I’ve never wore Uggs). Birkenstocks are not for me for the same reason – I have a memory of my aunt wearing them when she was like eight months pregnant. And this was understandable.

    When it comes to your question about trends – as I observe those for quite a few years – I came to the conclusion that things become big because it’s just the last thing we expected. We are used to wearing something, then we get a little fed up and then something just the opposite suddenly appears. I remember when, at the beginning of high school (2007) threw away the high waisted shorts I got from my grandma and I told her they looked old-fashioned. A few years later they became big. The same was with ‘pointy’ pumps – I remember time when they were on shelves with clearance for months and no one wanted to buy them, because they were too 2003. Now they are back. And it isn’t any different with Birkenstocks. We had pretty embellished sandals for a few seasons in a row, so we got bored.

  39. Haha, Andy, that’s so great. A week ago I was at my friend’s house and he was wearing these shoes and talking about how great they are, because you can do everything around the house with them. He is not interested in fashion and so he didn’t even know they are a big trend now.

    Of course, I started how it’s funny, when a thing, that you perceive as ugly, becomes a trend and you start seeing it more and more and on cool people and suddenly you start to like it and it seems it would even make a great purchase.
    Until it becomes so fucking trendy, you see it everywhere and people for whom you think has no style at all start wearing it and then it goes back to being ugly and looking cheap.

    I see that happen in fashion so many times I can’t even count it.

    I think there’s a special satisfaction in taking something perceived as ugly and make it work so good it looks dope and people start following you. I think that would be my answer to your question.

    I sometimes find clothing pieces for which I can see us ugly but I’m somehow drawn to them and then I try them on and look in the mirror and they look incredibly good on me (at least in my opinion), and they even become a favourite piece of mine! I’m sure it happened to you too!

    Anyway, I really enjoy when you write a longer post!

    Stay good!

  40. I am all for a good socks and sandals combo, I like how they can give you the silhouette of boots but without actually wearing them. I do however dislike Birkenstocks in general, I’m all for a bit of retro granny dressing but it’s the boing mid 50s comfort stereotype I am not a fan of. No idea where the Birkenstocks trend has come from but the whole sock and sandal was inevitable with the initial bad taste into good taste hipster movement (before they got the label)

  41. I dislike Birkenstocks cause it reminds me of our grandparents. I don’t know about Europe, but in Russia we have a markets with cheap and awful clothes for oldies and people who hasn’t a lot of money and i saw birkenstocks there 10 years ago and it costs about 10$.
    And look what i found one day waiting my bus.
    Fashion week VS bus station.
    So stylish, yeah?

  42. Hey Andy ! Nice topic! To be honest I always liked wearing socks with sandals, but when I came to Spain as a little girl people were so laughing at it I didn’t have a choice but to give up. I am originally from Russia and maybe there it wasn’t such a thing. Also what I noticed where I lived before in Spain, a very small touristic city, many English tourists wore as you say a plain T-shirt , caqui shorts and socks and sandals, which all Spanish people laughed at and detested. I always thought that it was different, cute and quite practical. When it is not too warm but not too cold S&S are the best. Such a negative reaction to some simple socks and some sandals just seems to me too way exaggerated. The are no rules in fashion.



    1. I agree with you dear that’s why if you read the text again, you will see that I always encourage to try different things. I raised this topic because I am truly interested on how you guys see this trend. I personally think it’s not something for ME because it’s not something I find fitting with my style, I however did mention that I admire the people who attempt this trend and nailed it.
      There’s no negative reactions on this post towards wearing socks, I have in numerous occasions worn socks with shoes, it’s the Birkenstocks with socks specifically which I am referring to.
      Anybody is free to wear whatever they like, absolutely! I am also free to express my personal opinion and open a dialog to see what’s your opinion regarding this subject.

      1. Hey Andy, thank you for your reply. The negative reaction I refer to in my comment if you read it again is about people who criticised it in my past. I am sorry if it somehow made you feel offended to think it was about you. I really love your wonderings about fashion and other different topics. Of course you are free to express your opinion as anybody in this world! Hope to see you someday with some Birkenstocks reading a book in a tram! xx


  43. maybe because its comfy, when i was in Sweden few times in 90s then people on streets very often wore those sandals maybe not birkenstock brand but looks just like it, and then i started liking it too, but i was afraid to wear it on streets in my country as here nobody was wearing such shoes until now , and maybe also some celebrities started wear them maybe Heidi Klum and then it become trend, as the same happend with ugg boots

  44. Hahaha, 100% agree with you on his Andy. Thanks for bringing this up.

    My answer is the power of fashion!
    Back home in Madrid, ever since I can remember, we associate sandals with white socks to american/british tourists (los guirris) (no offence to either of these countries, myself being british). And although I really hate the look (hot feet in summer, no thank you) I do think this could mean 2 things. Either middle aged male tourist have been on to something all these years, rocking trends way before their time, or the fashion world is pulling a big fat prank on us.

    Not sure which one it is.

    Ana x


  45. Now I quite didn’t get it either you do not like Birkenstocks trend or Birkenstocks with socks? Or maybe both? Either way, I think any kind of sandal looks horrible paired with socks, especially those thick ones. I mean, what is the point of wearing sandals with socks? If you are cold, wear regular closed shoes, not just add socks for some extra warmth. People never cease to surprise me.

  46. I totaally agree ahahah and yes, i told that to my boyfriend too! Btw i think Birk with bare feet are ok, because when it’s very hot outside you just want something opened and comfy! For example, i HATE that stupid Moschino cover trend…why Moschino did something so stupid?!?!

    new post


  47. Hi there!

    I was really glad to read this blogpost because I feel that, sometimes, fashion bloggers wear outfits just to follow the trend…which is a bit disappointing. I truly believe everyone has its own sense of style and it’s refreshing to see and try new trends, new outfits ideas but sometimes it just doesn’t feel right!
    Anyway, I really don’t like birkenstocks and I’m glad to know you’re not liking them either, just to “fall in line” ;)

    Love your blog btw,

  48. My first theory is that this (and others) brand have made a great pub campaign with many fashion bloggers that have a very good comfy style…also in very hot climates in summer. My second theory is that they are really a great product that many brands have interpreted under other local brands and by last…inditex and others giants have made this theirs under many shapes and have made a catalog where you can see the combined

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  49. Wat een leuke post hmmm miss is het een trend geworden omdat het comfy is.. net als slipons enz.. i don’t knoww k vind het ook niet bij mij passen al moet k zeggen dat sommige bloggers er goed mee wegkomen en vind ik ze telkens leuker!.. maar idd het beeld van een oude man met sokken in sandalen blijft toch nog een beetje hangen..

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