This weekend didn’t turn out the way I expected, nor the start of the second half of the month of July. In fact I think it probably went in the completely different direction.
To change my mind about it, I have gotten back into my running which I dropped after the race at the beginning of June and because I started traveling like a maniac straight after. I was supposedly going for a 5K yesterday and made up my mind about running from my apartment all the way to the Amsterdam Forrest, that would probably add up to the 5k.
As I was half way I started getting incredibly thirsty, It was like 27 degrees and I stupidly left home with nothing but my phone, not even a 2 euro coin to buy some water in the way. I was too “far” from home to come back and I wasn’t nearly close to my 5K aim so I decided to keep running.
As I was getting closer, I remembered that there are water fountains all over the forrest for the runners that cross those paths every day, so I decided to run until I found one of them and then probably walk back home. As I saw the water fountain in the distance I felt like I was seeing a mirage, seriously! I cant believe I had left home without money to buy water and I was starting to feel dizzy. I cant remember the last time I felt so happy about drinking -apart from when you wake up in the middle of the night to have an ice cold glass of water, which I am sure has happened to all of us-.
I had already reached the 5K by the time I got to finally drink but I decided I wasn’t ready to stop, so I kept going and ran back home. I certainly didn’t expect to add up to 8K but I was happy I did. The more I run, the more I realize its a mind game, If you let yourself keep going, you will, If you convince yourself you are tired, your body will stop, so don’t, keep going!

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47 thoughts on “MIND GAME

  1. What a great post! I definitely agree that running and exercise overall is super dependent on one’s mindset. Kind of makes you feel like with the right attitude, you could do anything you want :)

  2. Andy your legs are amazing, if you don’t mind me asking, how tall are you? you look like a model

  3. I hit my first 5k today, so onwards and upwards in this mind game from here. I always find my body tells itself it’s tired and wants to stop in the first 2-3km and then it somehow gets easier form there.

    Kathleen @ Made In The 1990’s.

  4. that’s definitely happened to me before. i’ve told myself that i need to shake off those negative thoughts like ‘im too tired i need to stop’ and once i get past them sometimes i go further than i ever have. its crazy what we can do to ourselves! but that is great advice-we just have to keep going :)

  5. amazing. I always admire those who enjoy running-cause I can’t bare it… give me a crosstrainer and I’ll be happy though..

  6. I only just got back in to running, it really helps with stress and i feel so good afterwards! Well done for doing 8k, i cant push 5k at the moment, but I’ll keep trying :) have a lovely sunday!!
    Holly x

  7. U are sooooo right! I’m not so fast but after run for months now I have got resistance (stamina?) so I can run and run but when I started I learn that mind control body, one minute I felt tired and the minute after I was well just because I thought “I have to keep on..I can’t stop..I can to do it!”. The power of our brains, incredible!

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  8. Yes, that’s so true! I remember when after my knee injury i couldn’t run for more than 2 km ’cause i started feeling that pain on my abdomen…but one day i kept running and that pain disappeared…and i kept running for almost 5km…my gosh that was so great! I’m happy to see that you’re so satisfied…it’s really important. Keep the good work on honey, I respect you for everything you do =)

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