STSC0305 STSC0561STSC0508 STSC0375 STSC0262 STSC0299 STSC0127 STSC0594 STSC0229 STSC0538I’M WEARING >> Dress: Antonio Marras via Forte Village

During my stay at Forte Village I had the chance to wear and shoot this beautiful Antonio Marras dress. I didn’t know that Antonio was born in the island of Sardinia, so he is quite the Fashion pride over there….I was very surprised to find such a huge fashion selection of top brands within the resort, actually I have never been to a hotel where you can window shop for Celine, Antonio Marras, Kenzo, Saint Laurent, etc during a pool break which is pretty awesome, now I just need to win the lottery :P

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


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  1. Gorgeous shots! You are very charming. The dress you wear is so lovely, I love those floral patterns. The place is awesome, I want to go there one day :)

  2. That is such a gorgeous floral print dress.