AndyTorresStrand8 AndyTorresStrand3AndyTorresStrand1 AndyTorresStrand4 AndyTorresStrand5 AndyTorresStrand9 AndyTorresStrand AndyTorresStrand6 AndyTorresStrand7I’M WEARING  >>  Sweater: Sportmax  |  Jeans: Guess  |  Shoes: River Island  |  Ring: Tom Wood

I kind of really love these photos, maybe its because I rarely see myself with wavy hair which is actually how it turns to if I let my hair air dry. 8 shorts days until my birthday and I still have no plans. I thought I would do something big this year, unlike the previous ones but I just cant seem to come up with the best plan. Any suggestions?

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  1. You should wear your hair wavy more often, it’s really pretty. And maybe you could go to Indonesia, Hawaii or New Zealand for your birthday. Somewhere exotic where you could relax and have some time for yourself.

  2. NO BANGS PLEASE. Don’t go back to them, they used to suit you, but now your face looks better without them.

  3. I adore this look. That sweater is perfection. Happy happy almost birthday! I always find the best celebrations are the ones that are simple and easy to plan, with good food and great friends. I know you’ll have an amazing day xx

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  4. Love those pictures! Lucky your hair turns out like this after drying them! Mine get all frizzy ;).
    How about inviting all your friends over? If you tell everyone to bring a little bit as well and you close the doors except of the living room,music from Spotify, you won’t have that much work but a great party! xx

  5. Well, you really should do something big this year ,think of something that you would not do but you want it,try your limits.Go to airport and choose a destination ,it will be fun.

  6. Andy,
    Your photography inspires me and the way you model your clothes is always done so well. You inspire me to think outside the box with my shoots!!

    Always a pleasure reading!!

    xo Meg

  7. Absolutely love what you are wearing! Very chic and casual.
    wavy hair definitely suits you.


  8. THIS is one of your best looks, it really suits you perfectly! And i adore the location! I’m sorry i have no ideas for your birthday ’cause i’m not a birthday person but one thing i’d love to do is going to disneyworld paris ;)

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