DenimVSDenim2 Denim Jacket 1: ZARA  |  Denim jacket 2: ASOS

Trying to find me the ideal denim jacket is no easy task. First, I don’t like when jackets are too short, yeah they make legs look longer but I don’t want to make my torso look tiny so I always try look for the long version of everything. I often go to shops and try on amazing things that are “just a bit too short” and wonder;”Why on earth couldn’t they make it just a few centimeters longer?!”. And this happens with pretty much everything, pants, leather jackets, blazers, you get the idea.
I found these 2 denim jackets which apparently seem long enough. Once I try them on they might look completely different but I think this will be as good as it gets.
What do you think? ASOS or ZARA? … I think I might go for the ASOS version.

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65 thoughts on “DENIM VS DENIM

  1. I love the Zara jacket! I haven’t even seen longer jackets in the stores so you’re obviously ahead of the game, you style maven you! Xo, S

  2. Both are cool, but I love the Zara one. It’s a little distressed which I think is important for a good leather jacket, the Asos one is a little too ‘clean’ for me. Plus I’m a sucker for light denim. The buttons on the Asos one are cool though! x

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