STSC8501 Sea Oil PoolSTSC8514 Sea Oil with Aloe and Mint Pool

STSC8668 High Saline Density PoolSTSC8536 Sea Water PoolSTSC8572 Low Temperature PoolSTSC8955 Reaction PoolSTSC6280 A very well deserved Tea after all that floating :PSTSC6399 The best massage I have ever had. Ever. In my entire life. I am not exaggerating. I never do. I promise.STSC6422 STSC6462 STSC6472

A day at a spa is like a day at Disneyland for Adults, oh no wait, I love Disney so scratch that. A day at a Spa is positively awesome and then some…When I got to Forte Village and I got a small tour of the resort, the first thing I asked was: “Where is the Spa and the Gym?!”, freak I know, but I genuinely spent what could seem like an excessive time in there during the past week. Amazing massages with top of the notch therapists in one of the Leading Spas of the world? Erhmm Yes, I could not possibly deny myself that pleasure. I even forgot the fact that I had to be, well, almost completely clothe-less during, which at first was a bit awkward but as soon as the therapist started, I was like; “Ah what the heck!”

They also had something called the Wellness Circuit which Is what I spent almost one and a half hours -every.single.day- doing. It basically consists on 6 pools with different contents of salt to detox your body. As you move from pool to pool, the saline density changes and gets lower and you have to spend a certain amount of time on each, some 10 minutes, some 20, not more or less. You can see the first photo, where the water looks almost brown (?), well thats pool #1 (The Sea Oil pool). This one has the highest magnesium salt content, thats why it looks so dark and the density is so high you literally float the whole time, its even hard to keep “standing”, your body just floats which makes it incredibly relaxing. As you move along, the density of the salt in the water and temperature decreases and the water gets clearer and clearer. I think my favorite pool was #4 (see photo 4), because it had massage water springs all around the pool, some for certain parts of the body to tone up, and who doesn’t want to tone up? ;)
One of the Therapists told me I should do this course every single day during my stay, because the benefits and detox to my body would last months, so very obedient I went ahead every single day. I hope you are right Mister!

Well, I think I feel like a new person, or I should at least right? It made me realize how stupid I was for not booking trips to the spa every once in a while. We all deserve to get pampered sometimes.

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67 thoughts on “A DAY AT THE SPA & THE 6 POOLS

  1. ooooooo myyy godddddd….I love the Sea Oil with Aloe and Mint Pool, looks sooo coool!!!! ♥ Def. cool and relaxin lookin :D And omgod at the Sea Oil Pool!!! How cool at floating!!! I WANNA FLOAT LOLLL! Perfect for me, because I can’t SWIM! LOLLL XD
    Loved the photo’s and the read, interesting! :D
    Love you Andy! :)

  2. It looks amazing, Andy! I’m italian but I live in the North, so there aren’t these beautiful spa. I hope I will try all this magical relax you described one day! Anyway I’m glad you enjoyed your trip in my beautiful country :)
    Hope to meet you soon!


  3. Lovely! You sure have deserved some pampering, I’m sure. The first picture looks as though you’re bathing in a pool of melted chocolate! :)

    I’m a young doctor and a fashion blogger.

    New post now up on my blog – shot in the South of France!


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