I literally have no words to express how grateful I am for all the support you have given me throughout the past -almost- 7 years. Exactly the day before my birthday -just before midnight to be precise-, my Facebook page hit the 1 Million mark, just in time to blow my first birthday candle. With a tear in my eye I realized how lucky I am to have people who enjoy what I do, thinking that I started this blog years and years ago, before this blogging phenomenon blew up, when getting a job in Fashion was extremely hard, when most people told me I would never make it in this industry, yet I kept fighting because I was never and I will never give up on my dreams.

THANK YOU!!!! I really mean it…

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134 thoughts on “1 MILLION!

  1. I am so late, but I wish you all the best and all the success that you deserve.
    You have a great sense of style and you will grow up even more and more. Love you <3

  2. Congratulations!! It goes to show that perseverance and determination are key to success. You walked the path that you wanted to walk and believing in yourself. I am truly happy for you =)

    1. I am so happy you can see that through because that has been my aim all along. I am still the same person and have the same dreams. Thank you for supporting that dear! <3

  3. that are nice words, that u never give up on your dreams and you inspire me now to never give up to mine too as i was almoust give upping with my blog but maybe if i will keep it and wait few years i will go somewhere, as i not sure, but its nice to keep up with dreams as they might come true right as you are example.

    1. Just keep being yourself, stay true to your values and work hard at it! don’t give up, it will pay off in the end <3

  4. I think that is fricken AMAZING!! That is so so cool, and right before your birthday!? Its amazing that you started this blog 7 years ago for the fun of it and it became this whole new journey. epic lol :)

  5. Congratulations, Andy! So exciting…you totally deserve it. Of all the bloggers I follow, you are one of the most upbeat, genuine, sincere and fun. I love that your personality shines through in all your posts. It makes me continue to come back…please keep it all up!


    1. That is very sweet dear. I have always tried to show you guys how I am as transparently as possible. I don’t want to pretend do be somebody I am not and I was to share with you guys that If I was able to get this far, everyone can. Makes me really happy that you support me. <3

  6. Muchas felicidades Andy, sigue así q eres toda una inspiración!! Me das ánimos y fuerza para seguir buscando y lograr hacer lo q tanto me gusta :)

  7. FANTASTIC! Congratulations!!! You are an amazing blogger and I love your outfits. A real talent! :) Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  8. Thank you ALL SO MUCH for your comments. You are the reason why I keep doing this and your support means the world to me. It really does <3

  9. That is amazing!! Congratulations!! From experience, getting people to acknowledge your work is hard, and every like counts, so i´m really happy for you! :)


  10. Congratulations Andy! You are amazing and you really do a great job as a blogger. I’ve just started with my blog a while ago and I must say you are the person that I look up to. I’ve also seen your TED interview – it’s nice to say that there are bloggers that actually have something to say.

    All the best!



  11. oh boy..!!! really you are a fantastic blogger and celebrity in one Andy. Let me then be one among those followers to congratulate you for hitting that ONE Million mark. Your writings as well as your carefully selected photos has a real charisma to your viewers like myself, that keep us reading on your posts. Congratulations again and belated happy birthday… more power to your career Andy. -Noli

  12. Enhorabuena!!! Me alegro muchísimo, te lo mereces!
    Una de los aspectos más enriquecedores de tu blog es que no sólo compartes looks PERFECTOS, sino que también eres un gran ejemplo a seguir. Transmites tus emociones, tu blog se sien te real, y eso es sin duda algo que se agradece enormemente. Never stop fighting!! Los sueños no se pueden olvidar, sólo se pueden mejorar.
    Un beso enorme!!

    1. Muchísimas gracias Nati. Me alegra mucho saber que todo eso se nota a través de los post que hago a diario. Siempre he tratado demostrarles como soy realmente y tratar de transmitir que nunca hay que darse por vencidos. <3

  13. You definitely deserve all the success that happens to you Andy ! You’re such an inspiration for all of us, you’re the proof that never giving up is the key to achieve all of our dreams ! Thanks for that ! Keep selling us dream ;-*



  14. wow, congratulations Andy! you so so so deserve it. your TED speech about fashion blogging was like THE thing that motivated me to keep going on and not to give up and i am so happy i did :) thank you for being so inspiring and congrats once again.

    xx tiphaine

    1. I am glad I could in a very small way help dear. Your words really motivate me <3, THANK YOU!

  15. Congratulations Andy!!! You’re the BEST blogger ever!!!
    I was so happy to browsed StyleScrapbook in 2008, and I LOVE your style and your positive mind sooooo much!!!
    You inspired me a lot and became my idol. I check your blog everyday till now and in the future;)
    Keep going Andy!!! Hope you will have more and more million fans!!!

    Kila xoxo

    1. Wow dear! Have you been following the blog since 2008?! It makes me so happy and grateful to hear, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <3

      1. OMG!!!!! Your reply makes me feel sooooooo happy Andy!!!
        Yes, I discovered your blog in 2008 and keep following till now, I see that you have improved a lot and doing better and better now!!! You really do the great job in a fashion blogger, I’m so happy for you to see how success you are!! Keep amazing my girl!!! <3

  16. Congratulations Andy! You really deserve it!! Good for you to have come this far and never give up on your dreams!!!

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