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Today is the day -Come on Andy, breathe in, breathe out-…I am running the We Own The Night race in Amsterdam today and I have to confess, I feel a little nervous. I am trying to distract myself by coming up with what to wear tonight, you know, to stop thinking about the fact that I am about to run 10K all over the city tonight. I have run before, many many times, but I have never run a race surrounded by thousands of people. I am super excited about it, I am curious how I will feel in the end and if I will want to carry on doing these races as opposed to only running for leisure…I really appreciate all your words of support throughout social media and the blog itself, it means the world to me. Now let me know, which look should I wear tonight? 1,2,3,4? SHOOT! :)

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114 thoughts on “WHAT TO WEAR FOR #WOTN?

  1. Personally I like look number 4 but maybe for a normal day run. You should wear look number 3 to stand out with those bold prints…I mean, the name of the race is “We Own the Night.”

  2. All 4 looks are very cute, and I imagine they’d be very comfy, decent running looks. I don’t run…so I cannot give decent advice. However, I’d love to know which look that you chose and how you did. :)

  3. Love the crop top and the sneakers in the first layout! But all of them look super good!
    Good luck for the run!
    xx Michelle

  4. Hey first of all good luck for your race, I am sure you will love it. It’s amazing to run with lots of people watching, they are very encouraging:) You should wear outfit number 3.
    Love, Martine

  5. I think I like nr. 2 and 4 the best. Don’t be nervous, you got this! I’m sure you are going to be great. Have fun :)

  6. Outfit number 3 absolutely.
    I ran the WONT in Milan and was amazing, i hope the same for tonight in Ams!
    Buena suerte guapa, pasalo bien.

  7. look 3 is the winner for me. love the pattern on the shorts and top and the fact that they match, and I love orange!! You might even get a bit more dutch courage for your race in those colours :)
    Good luck!

    Ana x


  8. 3 or 4..I like the vibrant collors.. as to which I guess it depends on the weather =) Good Luck!

  9. #WOTN is an amazing event! It was in Milan last week!!
    Btw, totally number 1 or 3! No doubts! I’d kill for these running outfits, they’re super Andy! :)
    Good luck for tonight, and enjoy it!

  10. Het is vandaag heel erg warm en vochtig dus geen 2 of 3, en de schoenen van 1 vind ik geweldig! Dus ik zou voor 1 kiezen :)

    Ik zou vandaag volunteer work doen bij we own the night maar ik ben ziek dus ik kan niet, veel succes! Je doet het vast fantastisch, je hebt er hard voor gewerkt!


  11. Personally I love number4, but it all depends which combination you feel comfortable in.

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