AndyTorresStockholm5AndyTorresStockholm8 AndyTorresStockholm6 AndyTorresStockholm2 AndyTorresStockholm9 AndyTorresStockholm7 AndyTorresStockholm3 AndyTorresStockholm AndyTorresStockholm4I’M WEARING  >>  Jumper: DIY  |  Jeans: River Island  |  Shoes: Senso  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  Rings: Tom Wood

We discovered this place last summer and ever since we shot there first, I have been wanting to re-shoot there again. Every time I travel, I tend to shoot in very iconic places around cities, like the Eiffel Tower for example or the Brooklyn bridge in New York, but every now and then I discover places which show no signs of which city I am in but that are extremely “dramatic” and urban, which is what I get extremely excited about…This bridge in Stockholm is one of those places and to be honest, the photos don’t do justice to the the grandeur of the place. its just a bridge but I just find it incredibly magical.

I just came back from Sweden, I haven’t even unpacked yet and I am about to adventure into something new. I was hoping for some sun during my stay in Sweden, that didn’t really happen as you probably saw on my instagram but non of that matters right now because I am on my way to Sardinia! Im spending a few days at Forte Village and I can barely believe my luck. I have never been to the Italian Island but I am very much looking forward to the sun, the beach, the food, oh my god the food! Ok enough of that, I need to board the plane…Come with me!

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Photos by Oskar Spångberg


89 thoughts on “UNDER THE BRIDGE

  1. Love the textures in the background in these shots. Makes for a wonder setting for your photo shoot. Who knew a bridge could be so wonderful for this? Nicely done and a very good find!

  2. Great, casual outfit! Love the shade of blue that you are wearing
    Awesome location too.


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