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I’M WEARING  >>  Jeans: DL1961  |  Shoes: ACNE  |  Shirt: H&M Men  |  Vest: ZARA  |  Sunnies: Celine  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Rings: Tom Wood

Funny thing, I very cheerfully packed my bags to come to Sweden using the same principle I used last year. I spend Midsummer here as well and the weather was just too perfect, warm and sunny with a bit of chill at night, but just barely. I brought some of my favorite dresses, my “new” pair of vintage Levis cutoffs, a bunch of t-shirts, cropped tops and so on.
When I arrived to Stockholm on Wednesday I was very surprised and had one of those: “Oh shit!” moments….More than Summer, it feels like Autumn, damn its really cold, I mean even shooting these images was a bit of a struggle and had to run for a jacket straight after. 11 degrees in the middle of Summer is not exactly what I was expecting nor what I packed for, which means I had to get extremely creative with the little covering clothes I brought. I packed a pair of black and denim jeans, thats all, everything else was skirts, dresses and shorts. I feel like a freaking portrait walking around places, good thing is, I am literally in the middle of nowhere so wearing the same look over and over again is not really that much of a problem but still, I really really dislike it. Lets see in how many ways I can style this jeans without making it look the exact same way. Being away of your comfort zone can be great at times though, Keeping positive by thinking this way…

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Photos by Oskar Spångberg


114 thoughts on “THREE TIMES LUCKY

  1. Pues sinceramente que bueno que volviste a ponerte ropa normal pero padre, como antes!!!

  2. Denim on denim never looked so good! …And before I forget to mention, the shoes are perfection! For my fashion inspiration, I go to You can browse hundreds of designer collections and save your favorite looks in a personal look book. I know you will love it! xoxo

  3. ARGH I know exactly what you mean; went to China in May and brought all my summer clothes, turns out the weather went down below 20 degrees everyday. Definitely took much creative thinking to come up with outfits with my limited clothes!

  4. 11 degrees! that’s cold, indeed..
    i really miss stockholm and love looking at your photos.
    great style! and hope you enjoyed midsummer. :-)

  5. Entiendo eso de viajar a lugares donde el clima cambia drásticamente y no llevas nada adecuado :S Aún así creo que le puedes sacar mucho provecho a esos jeans, y si no pues un día de shopping puede soluicionar el problema :P


  6. I love these denim combinations but I can’t find any good light denim shirts! Does anyone know any shops to look in for one?

    I just started my first fashion and beauty blog so if anyone wants to go check it out and maybeeee follow (wink wink) then I would really appreciate it!

  7. I understand you Andy! This happen to mi in Paris in June last year, I picked all the summer stuff, but it was soooo cold, I could barely survive! Had to put on all the t-shirts, light sweaters and so oo and to walk all the week long almost in the same outfit…ehm…And what worse – it’s not easy to buy at shops something from winter pieces during the summer!


  8. Great look again Andy! I love how you wear denim on denim, I never manage to do that right. I also love the pop of red there is by adding that cute bag. The nude shoes are great so that way the clothes itself get more attention!
    Would you like to check out my blog?

  9. i know this problem, was there and in Stockolm is such weather often, and sweatshirt is a friend, but can’t you go to h&m in stockholm and buy some new clothes? especially that now is sale and when i was there h&m was near Drottnighatan street.

  10. haha true, Sweden is not the warmest country. Hope you still enjoy this absolutely stunning city and find your way around!

  11. You look gorgeous despite the cold weather! Brave of you to expose your toes in such temperatures.
    Love the shoes and bag.


  12. i can so relate to that!! same thing happened to me last spring, as we went to South of France and I was expecting nice weather but it ended up being super cold and rainy the entire stay…

    good luck with the cold and enjoy sweden anyway!

    xx tiphaine

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