AndyTorresAmstel5AndyTorresAmstel4 AndyTorresAmstel AndyTorresAmstel6 AndyTorresAmstel9AndyTorresAmstel7 AndyTorresAmstel2 AndyTorresAmstel3 AndyTorresAmstel8 AndyTorresAmstel10I’M WEARING >>  Top/Swimsuit: Vintage  |  Jeans: River Island  |  Coat: Vintage  |  Shoes: Senso  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Rings: Tom Wood  |  Necklaces:  |  Sunglasses: Celine

The excitement I feel when I find a new place to shoot around Amsterdam. I have lived here for so long, I sometimes feel as if I have shot at every single corner of the city, which I obviously haven’t but it surely feels like it. We were driving into the center and I saw this building from the corner of my eye; “Stop the car!, I want to shoot there!!!”. A little heads up will be needed next time, Rich wasn’t impressed :S.

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91 thoughts on “NEW PLACES

  1. Me encanta que le diste a un vestido de baño y unos simples jeans negros un giro más elegante con el blazer y los zapatos. Tus looks siempre son impecables e inspiradores. Un saludo!

  2. OH my GOD you make the outfit look sooo amazing ,it´s casual and elegant on you ,such nice shoes ♥

  3. You look great, and the location is beautiful. It looks like you’ve changed your lifestyle over the past few months, like you are working out more. (is it because WOTN?) Yet i think you still look really classy. Keep up the good work!
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  4. Such an interesting and unique outfit! You look absolutely beautiful.
    Love the location of this shoot.


  5. Amazing building!!! I really like how you wear a swimsuit as a top, it’s really cool outfit!!! <3<3

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