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And just like that I found myself checking into an amazing room on the Mediterranean coast in the middle of the night. I have to say, I find it a bit surreal that I was in the middle of the Swedish forrest at the beginning of the week and now I am at Forte Village resort in Sardinia, Italy. I have to keep pinching myself; “Is this really happening?”.

After 2 flights -with a connection in Rome-, and an almost lost luggage, I landed in Sardinia to spend a few days by the seaside. I feel more on my element here, I am used to the beach, I crave the sun and this getaway is exactly what I needed. Morning workouts at the gym -yes, I’m aware I am crazy-, followed by big breakfast buffet, then the sea, sun and sand for as long as my body can take, maybe a visit or 2 at the spa, eating at Michelin star restaurants, ahhhhh these days will be perfection!!!

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43 thoughts on “MIDNIGHT CHECK-IN

  1. Hey Andy,

    For quite long I’ve been reading your blog. Sincerely, your photos and lifestyle encouraged me to write my own blog. I’m always looking forward for the next post and read about your experiences. Somehow I do admire you. You are Mexican and you have done all this by yourself. That makes me think I can reach my own dreams too.

    Lovely place!!!!

    I would be glad if you take a couple of minutes to read my own personal blog. I’m trying to discover Mexico City (and the world) from a different perspective. You might feel a bit homesick.

    Congrats for everything!!!!!


  2. Such a beautiful suite! Your stay in Sardinia sounds wonderful. Enjoy your time on vacation.


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