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Finding myself in the North of Sweden, somewhere where it felt like the middle of nowhere was both incredibly relaxing and a bit terrifying for me. I wasn’t afraid of the forest or the solitude, I was afraid of my own thoughts while I was up there; Have I become too much of a City Girl? Why does being alone with nature scares me and makes me feel “out of my element”?.
Damn, the breath taking beauty up there is beyond what I can even explain in a few words on a blog post and I found myself bringing my iphone camera out every few meters; “I need to capture this place and this moment and this tree and this lake and this meadow and this…….”, until I realized and probably got told to a few times to capture things with my own eyes and put the damn phone away. It was right though.
The country side captured me in ways I cant really put into words, but I gotta say, I am happy to be back in the city. Maybe I am too much of a City girl, but there is nothing wrong with that. I have learnt to mix the two when I have to, or switch one off when I need to. Why cant I be both? Theres no reason why I should stop being who I am but theres also no reason why I shouldn’t enjoy getting dirty while walking in the forest’s muddy surface on my way to the lake and getting rained on while the boat’s engine stops working and having to row back to the shore completely soaked while laughing my ass off because I am in complete shock of what’s actually happening. Ironic and magical.

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Photos by Oskar Spångberg

83 thoughts on “MAGIC LAKE

  1. I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same when I was living in a countryside in the USA for 9 months!
    I live in Bangkok where it’s so loud and everything just seems so rushing and I just like it that way.
    Even though it was nice that to getaway to a quiet, peaceful place once in a while, I still couldn’t get the idea of beautiful noisy city out of my head.

  2. wow it sounds like you had a really amazing and thought-provoking visit! there’s nothing wrong about being a city-girl, the main thing is that you’re still able to appreciate nature and reflect :)

    Lazy Obsession

  3. Parece comos i caminaras por el agua! y si yo tambinén me siento extraña viajando a lugares más naturales, pero últimamente se me ha antojado ir a lugares más fríos, llenos de plantas y animales y así poder desconectarme un rato :)


  4. I know!! that happens to me allll the time. you go somewhere amazing and you try to take pictures of every single thing and it’s really not worth it because a picture will never do justice and you end up losing your time instead of enjoying the true beauty!
    It’s ok though, as long as we realize to thoroughly enjoy nature!
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  5. There really beautiful! Me privately I miss such a holiday, with such views at once would feel better! Apparently Sweden ahead of me! Greetings from Polish!

  6. These photos are truly magical. It’s nice that you write more stories into your posts so we can know you from different perspective :)

  7. It’s beautiful. I was just in a summer cottage in Finland on a private island few days go and it felt so weird, I totally understand you. Living in the big city is a completely different thing and I love it. The pictures are soo beautiful and the place looks amazing also! :)

  8. The photos are absolutely beautiful. And the things you’ve written down are beautiful, too. You’re a good writer, I understand what you mean. I also think everyone should be able to be a city girl and a ‘nature’ girl.

    There’re no limits.

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