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What a weekend! … I have to confess, I am not into Football. It might have something to do with the fact that in Mexico, they used to play it on TV every weekend and my dad and brother took over the remote and there was no chance my sister, mom and me would have a choice in the matter. This made me develop a slight hatred towards it when I was a kid; “No more football dad, please!!!!”. That feeling rapidly changes whenever Mexico plays a game though, either on the Olympics (which we won the GOLD medal for) or at the World Cup. See, its not about football anymore, its about supporting my country and I am all up for that!!!. We played against Cameroon on Friday and I went to support our team at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I realized I am not really programed to watch these games, I get extremely nervous and anxious and suddenly become this crazy football fanatic, go figure…Here are a few takes on my very relaxed weekend. Hope you had a good one!

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63 thoughts on “LE WEEKEND

  1. It is universal, I guess- the remote thingie.
    But for us, it is cricket rather than football since India is yet to make it to FIFA.

    By the way, loving your burgundy sneakers and the trench coat with the detailing insider.. Burberry??!!

    and oh my god! Your body is amaazzzinng!! <3

  2. I love your effortless style, your very natural at it. Please checkout wwww.glamourbyzee.com for style, beauty and health ideas/tips! My blog :)

  3. Hey Andy! You look so gorgeous and happy in the first picture! I think I’ll be needing one of those classy Burberry trench coats. Lots of love from Helsinki, Finland! xx

    I’m a recently graduated doctor and a fashion blogger.

    New outfit post now up on my blog!


  4. I love your style! I’m not that much of a football fan too, but when I’m in the game, there’s no holding back! Haha ;) Have a nice week!

  5. THe trench coat is amazing and my sister is just like you.
    SHe is not a big fan of sport but goes all nuts when my countries are playing either football or just any sport really, it amazes me what the love for your country can make you do even for a little time.

  6. Great to see you are enjoying your time in Mexico! Look forward to seeing who wins the World Cup.


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