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If you go through the pages of StyleScrapbook, probably the one constant has been sunglasses and watches. I even went through a period when I was wearing two watches at the same time, which might have seemed odd to some but I remember feeling like it was such a good idea at the time, do you remember?

I wear sunglasses all the time, partly because I’m quite obsessed with them, but I also love how it can shake up an outfit, making it look “cooler”….You’d be surprised, but it’s really hard for me to find sunglasses that fit me nicely, I guess its all about finding the right shape and you may have realized that I’m always wearing over sized shapes, literally always, the bigger the better.

I just received some pieces from the Ferragamo Buckle collection, and I’m really excited about these because they’re two of the accessories I love styling the most. I love these glasses because they’re quirky and a completely different shape to what I normally wear, which is extremely bold and edgy. These are a lot more feminine though and I like that, makes me feel more girly for a change. I don’t think I’ve worn round sunglasses in a long time so it’s going to be interesting to see how I style them up. The watch on the other hand is the perfect classic to wear all the time and we all know, a good classic never goes out of style ;).

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132 thoughts on “ITALIAN HOLIDAY

  1. amo tus outfits, y amo lo lejos que has llegado en esta profesión, yo también bloggeo y hablo sobre moda, es realmente una inspiración que seas de Mexico y mas pues viviste de donde soy oriunda, algún día te conoceré en persona, saludos y muchas mas bendiciones de las que ya tienes,

  2. your look is so pretty!! Andy I’d like to know some informations.. from 1st to 7th august I’ll be in Amsterdam.. advice for the suitcase?? thanks!

  3. Completely in Love with your dress :D and the fact that its hite makes me like it even more :)) ou Look stunning Andy :)

  4. Hi Andy! I was wondering whether you have some must-sees or must-do’s at Sardinia since I’m going there next month. To be very honest I do not read your blog very often (even though I am a loyal follower on Instagram:) ), so I have actually no idea whether you reply to the comments which are left below your blogs or not. If you have time to do some recomendations, thanks in advance, I would really appreciate it! Enjoy the rest of your stay there! Love xx

  5. I remember you wearing 3 watches … I loved the look of 2. I have found everyone who wears 2 watches is very creative in some medium – be it music, pottery, photography, writing, it’s like wearing a calling card to show that you are creative. I hope you will do it again because your fashion certain meets the creative criteria. It’s fun to test the theory and see what creative streak that others have who also wear 2 or more watches. :-)

  6. I feel your pain, there s not much of sunglasses that fit. Its endless choosing mission. I love the outfit, enjoy your staying and bring us plenty more pics.

  7. That is such a lovely lace dress.


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