I feel so freaking happy right now, seriously!!!. I remember being 13 years old and not even being able to do 3 laps around the track, I was good at high jump, Long jump and short distance running but gosh, I hated long distance running, hated it with fiery passion!. Few years later, I find myself running for leisure and even enrolling myself for a 10K race?! My mom must have thought I was playing a big prank on her when I said I was gonna attempt it, she knows how much I used to hate it.
I cant begin to tell you what a massive personal achievement this was for me, coming from an injury, building back my strength over and over again. Training was challenging not only because of the recurring injuries but also because of all the trips that made me had to stop for a while and then start back from zero again.

Running the We Own The Night race last Saturday was a massive reminder that everything is possible if you really put your mind, heart and soul into it. The race was painful because of a pain in my abdomen that started around Kilometer 2. Have you ever felt that stabbing pain on the side of your stomach while you run? Some say its because you drink or eat something before running, some say its because you don’t drink, it still remains a mystery to me.
Around 2K I started feeling the pain on my left side and all I could think of was breathing: “Focus on breathing and don’t think about the pain!”, I kept repeating this to myself over and over again, I kept running forward. I was covered in goosebumps from it, my entire body, it almost felt as if I was running inside of a fridge even if it was such a hot night. By the 8th Kilometer the pain had become so strong, I was feeling it all over my stomach, not only the left side, all over my freaking stomach!
“Dammit, why today!?, I’ve been training for months and today of all days I had to get this? Just keep freaking running, forget the pain!!!!”…I knew there was only 2 kilometers to go and I ran and ran and its all such a blur today if I think about it.
I remember approaching the Olympic Stadium where the finish line was, I started to get flashbacks from my track and field days, from when I was 13 and couldn’t bare the thought of doing 3 laps around the track. I sprinted the last few meters, crossed the finished line, “I JUST FREAKING RAN 10K!!!! OMFG!!!! MOM I DID IT!!!!! I FREAKING DID IT!!!!”, and then I broke into tears. I was so proud, so so happy, my pain was still there but who cares, I didnt, I felt like a champion!

If you can dream it, you can do it. Cheesy, but so freaking true!

P.S- HUGE thanks to my trainers Jay and Rutger for pushing me so hard and to Jay for running alongside me keeping me motivated. We started this together and we finished the race together. A MILLION THANK YOUS!!!!

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


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  1. I know how is running 10k, I used to do it one time a week and then I suffered a knee injury too, it was so frustrating.
    But like you said, we need to work hard to keep our body strong and we need to believe in our self.
    I am so happy for you… keep your workout and in a month you will do another 10k! <3

  2. Andy! So brave of you to undertake this hard race! Congrats to you! You deserve it!
    Btw, concerning the pain- if it happens, the best and the rightest thing to do is take deep rare breaths and focus on inhaling and breathing out the air.
    Congrats to you once again! You made it!

  3. Such a nice story! CONGRATS on 10k, that’s amazing! I just started running two days ago, with 50mins on the first day. I still can’t move today haha. But I hope I will be as proud as you are :)! Good on you!

  4. Yeaaah! I did the one in Paris, because of you! And im so proud that I finished it!!
    What was your time?? Did you achieve your goal on that? :)
    Maybe next time I will do it in Amsterdam ;)
    Loving your blog from Paris <3


    I’ve been wanting to run a marathon for quite some time. Seeing you and your journey through it from the beginning to end has inspired me to pursue this goal. Estoy super feliz por ti! And thank you for inspiring me too.

  6. Congratulations Andy!!!

    I remeber something I read in a Murakami’s book about his running experiences, he has a mantra : “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional”. So i always keep that in mind when i feel just like you.

  7. Felicidades!!

    Ese dolor del abdomen a mi me ha dado toda la vida, son calambres. Y por ejemplo yo sí he corrido 5k y 10k. Ese dolor del abodomen siempre me da a partir del 6k o 7k y es horrible.
    A mi me sucede principalmente por la respiración. Me tengo que concentrar muchísimo para no perder el ritmo. Y depende tu cuerpo como reaccione a si comes algo o no antes de la carrera, el sistema digestivo se pone a trabajar (o no) y pues le quita fuerzas a tu cuerpo. Ya depende de cada quien, pero todo es por la respiración.

    Me dicen que el Yoga te ayuda mucho para eso.

    Porque te pasó a los 2km y antes no?? Pues seguramente porque estabas nerviosa y emocionada, el corazón se te aceleró y junto con eso la respiración.

    Feliciades por tu logro!

    1. Seguro fue eso pero lo malo es que ya van 3 dias y yo sigo con el dolor :(. Nunca me había pasado.

  8. Well done Andy…congrats! This really shows you can achieve anything as long as you set your mind to it!

  9. YOU FREAKIN DID IT GIRL!!!! :) that is so amazing, i got goosebumps reading this!
    you inspired me to sign up for a 10K too :) i love running for leisure and with something to
    train for i think it will push me to work harder and give me confidence!

  10. Congrats, love! You must be so proud of yourself. Keep on grinding and writing about it, as this was truly inspiring to read! xoxo

  11. I am so proud of you ANDY! You are super awesome!!! It is a big inspiration not only for you but for me too. By reading this post I can assure myself that everything is possible now. Thank you for sharing your experience and for being ultimate inspiring person for me :) <3
    Take care.

  12. You are sooo great and you look after the running of as before, awesome :D You’re my fav Blogger, love your Blog!! :)

  13. I know it could be really hard but you did it :) and this was great!


    I love to run but 10K are too much for me right now :D maybe one day :)

    Xo, Giada

  14. Dear Andy,

    Thug girl you did it!

    It’s really difficult to run with pain, i’m glad you find the strength to run 10 km :) I dit saw you running with your trainer. When I past by I gave you a smile and the thumbs up! Maybe we will meet again at another run ;)

    Good luck with inspire people with your beautiful blog!



  15. Yayyy, congratulations Andy! That is such a big accomplishment considering the fact that you absolutely hated doing what you just did just a few years ago and now you transformed it into something enjoyable and on top of that had to deal with injures. You can be really proud of yourself :)

  16. Congratulations Andy!!! It’s so so proud and happy to know that you did it!!! Keep going girl!!! ;-)

  17. Well done! Running 10k after an injury is a fantastic achievement. You should be very proud of your hardwork!


  18. Ahhhh I’m so happy for you!!! Can totally feel you happiness! Actually got a ill teary eyed reading this, recognising my own thoughts in it . Such a good job Andy-you’re an inspiration !!!

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