June 10, 2014 in DIY, Food by Andy

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I spent Sunday doing exactly what I wanted to do, which means absolutely nothing. After the 10K race on Saturday night, all I wanted to do was relax on the couch, drink plenty of water and since it was super hot outside, it occurred to me to make some Ice popsicles with some molds I got at Ikea forever ago.

While I was in Miami, I went to a restaurant that was selling a delicious cucumber cocktail that left me so hooked, It was the first thing that came to my mind for my popsicles flavor…They are literally the easiest and most refreshing lollies for the summer and this is how I made them:

-Pre make half a jar of Green Tea and let it cool down.
-Blend or Juice the cucumber and the ginger with the green tea liquid. ( I prefer blending because you get some texture and small pieces of the ingredients as well as the juice.)
-Add the Agave Syrup (or Sugar) to make it as sweet as you like.
-Pour the mixture in the containers and freeeeeeeze!!!!!

I wanted to add mint leaves to my mixture but I didn’t have any. You can also throw anything else you like, the possibilities are endless 😉 … ENJOY!

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