June 3, 2014 in Food by Andy

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BREAKFAST, my favorite meal of the day, in fact I wake up so hungry that I always wonder if I ran some sort of marathon in my dreams. The thing is, I have a ton of food intolerances which is supposedly genetic, but which also forces me to eat healthy, or at least try.

Dieting is not my thing, I hate it, I really do and thats probably why I have always preferred exercising a million times over being extremely strict on what I put inside my mouth. I think having a balanced diet is the key, but I most definitely wont deprive myself from having my favorite treats once in a while (like that cinnamon bun on photo #2), hell no.
I’ve gathered a bank of photos of things I normally have for breakfast because to be honest, I forget half of the time and wake up wondering; What should I have today?… If I had it my way, I would have eggs benedict every morning, carrot/orange juice and a cinnamon bun but 1) I haven’t mastered the art of poaching an egg and 2) I cant think of anything worse for my physical condition that stuffing my face with cinnamon buns every day, once in a while yes, every day, nope.

Whats your favorite breakfast treat? Inspire me!

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