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BREAKFAST, my favorite meal of the day, in fact I wake up so hungry that I always wonder if I ran some sort of marathon in my dreams. The thing is, I have a ton of food intolerances which is supposedly genetic, but which also forces me to eat healthy, or at least try.

Dieting is not my thing, I hate it, I really do and thats probably why I have always preferred exercising a million times over being extremely strict on what I put inside my mouth. I think having a balanced diet is the key, but I most definitely wont deprive myself from having my favorite treats once in a while (like that cinnamon bun on photo #2), hell no.
I’ve gathered a bank of photos of things I normally have for breakfast because to be honest, I forget half of the time and wake up wondering; What should I have today?… If I had it my way, I would have eggs benedict every morning, carrot/orange juice and a cinnamon bun but 1) I haven’t mastered the art of poaching an egg and 2) I cant think of anything worse for my physical condition that stuffing my face with cinnamon buns every day, once in a while yes, every day, nope.

Whats your favorite breakfast treat? Inspire me!

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  1. I actually do not have a favorite breakfast. My go to is oatmeal with what ever fruit is in season. I am on a peach thing right now since I heard Harvard School of Medicine found that 2 serving (can or fres) 2peaches a week cuts our changes of ovarian cancer by 40%.

  2. i looooove my oatmeal i make every morning, sweetened with stevia. i slice berries, banana, and sprinkle some cinnamon and nuts on top! i also cook the oats in some coconut milk too. its DELICIOUS. on some other mornings i will have a fruity green smoothie :)

  3. I love a good croissant or croissant aux amandes. If you visit Delft you should go to Micheal’s, it’s a small French patisserie/café next to the old church and I swear they make the best of both. Almost as good as in Paris.

    But unfortunately I can’t have croissant everyday, so on regular day I love oatmeal, as boring as it sounds. I just love the texture and with a bit of cinnamon it also tastes delicious.

  4. Egyptian foul (black beans) is one of my very favorite breakfasts. It can also be cooked in many different ways. However one of my favorite breakfast recipes that I created is:
    1loaf of Egyptian whole wheat baladi bread and cut into half or use tortillas instead. Melt your favorite cheese on it and add egg omlette on top of it with smoked turkey on top. Finally, roll the bread and eat it as a wrap.

    Because the second recipe is full of calories, I prefer to eat it every once in a while with a balanced diet throughout the day

  5. Porridge with all Kinds of fruits. Gives you lots of Energy and keeps you repleted till lunch!

  6. A mi me encata desayunar melón o papaya, con un té verde y una “toritilla” de huevo rellena de queso y un poco de jamón. Me da energía para todo el día y la papaya o melón junto con el té me ayudan a no inflamarme :).


  7. Dietetic breakfast doesn’t have to be tasteless! I prepare for myself dietetic souffles with groats, bran and yogurt and I have it with fresh apples. Another idea for breakfast is whole grain sandwich with avocado paste or chickpea paste. There are plenty of ways to have a healthy and delicious breakfast ;)

  8. That cinnamon bun looks amazing! Some of my favorite breakfasts:

    1. Two eggs sunny side up with a bowl of berries/granola/honey/greek yoghurt
    2. Soft-boiled eggs with nopalitos and avocado
    3. Two sunny side up eggs on a bed of frijolits, topped with salsa and aguacate and washed down with frestly-squeezed grapefruit juice.

    Can you tell, I love breakfast too?


  9. Unfortunately, I’m not a breakfast girl! I have to wait about two hours before anything solid can pass my lips or I feel super ill for the rest of the day! I usually have a black coffee and a fruit juice though.
    When I do get round to having my “breakfast”, I either have mushrooms, avocado and scrambled egg on toast with chilli flakes and pepper as a treat or fruit and yogurt!

    Lorrie Loves

  10. I also wake up veeery hungry and I love to make a really big green juice and french toast… french toast is my weakness, but of course just once a week :D

  11. Hola Andy!

    Hace rato sigo tu blog pero nunca he comentado.
    Hoy me animo porque el desayuno es también mi comida favorita de toda la vida, además es la que más cantidad me apetece, siempre para almuerzo o cena estoy más “desganada”.

    Lo malo es que se me antojan siempre cosas grasosas o saladas, y ya sabes que en latinoamerica tampoco somos muy saludables que digamos :P.

    ¿No eres amante del cereal? a veces para variar un poco me gustan los cereales con hojuelas, o con canela y bastante fruta picada (banano mm!).

    La avena tampoco me desagrada como algo saludable, lo malo es que ambas son mejores con leche.

    Nunca has probado el Pinto? Desayuno típico costarricense? :)

  12. Mexican breakfast here! Huevos Rancheros or chilaquiles once in a while on common days, fruit and yogurt on regular.

  13. Andy I really feel identified with you, I also have tons of food intolerances and I’m mexican! plus I have IBS so I have to watch my diet. I’ve normally never have breakfast, I only eat 10 almonds, a bowl of seasonal fruits, Japanese Sencha green tea and honey. I hope these inspire you, at least try Sencha green tea is my favorite! If you have a minute visit my blog, new post up today!


  14. Looks like you don’t have a problem with dairy… lucky girl! I think that’s the worst. I’m not a vegan (I love meat) but I always have to end up ordering vegan things off menus so that there’s no dairy in there :(

    But if I’m going to cheat (and I do when in Europe… A LOT) Croissants are my FAVE.

    If I’m not cheating, I love to have smoothies for breakfast. I blend 2 shots of espresso with 1 tablespoon of nut butter, 2 egg whites and one banana with tons of ice and almond milk… it so YUM!!!

    1. I do have a problem with dairy dear but normally yoghurt is ok. I stick to soya products and it’s only a certain cheeses that I can eat, like feta and mozzarella :)

  15. Andy I so like you, I wake up starving nso breakkie is my absolute fave meal of the day. I especially love toasted pumpkin seed rolls with organic pumpkin butter. Yummo and supert healthy.

    Try it:)

  16. I usually have greek yogurt (2 or 3 table spoons) plus some sliced almonds and organic/natural honey. It’s soooo energetic.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. There’s this trendy little restaurant down the road where I live that serves the most amazing breakfasts all day long. A favourite is corn and zucchini flat-cakes, with a sweet tomato relish, topped with halloumi and two poached eggs – around which is a scattering of corn and shredded olives in a lemony dressing. I enjoyed every mouthful, the flavours were out of this world.
    I should go there for breakfast every day until I’ve tried everything! I could eat breakfast, brunch and brinner happily <3

  18. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day too. I prefer my Porridge with Almond Milk, Bananas, Blueberries, a hint of Agave syrup, cinnamon and one tablespoon of Peanutbutter – simply delicious!

  19. I always have wholemeal bread – extra virgin olive oil from Jaén- fresh tomatoes in summer and fresh cheese.
    Disfruta de un día maravilloso

  20. I would choose the first pic for breakfast. Salmon, yum! Most of the time I can’t eat very much when I just awake so I always have one slice of bread with a bar of chocolate. ^^

  21. I prefer fruits in a morning. That gives a fresh and energetic start for the day. :-)

    Almost every morning set: plain yogurt + plain kwark (dutch word because I don’t know the english one) + soaked chia seeds + banana/apple/some fruit + cinnamon + cardamom + little spoon of honey = SUPER goood and tasty AND HEALTHY


  22. Oh that looks like one lovely breakfast! Haven’t actually eaten my most-important-meal-of-the-day, yet, so maybe I’ll try to cook this one. Thank you so much for the tip! xx

    I’m a med school graduate and a fashion blogger.

    New post up on my blog Arctic Vanilla!

  23. I love a whole grain toast with tomato and a nice olive oil (catalan style) with fresh cheese and turkey. Healthy and delicious! ;)

  24. Love entries like this one! So inspiring and everyone needs a reminder (in these body hectic times) to being healthy is not about restricting but to enjoy and nourish.Thank you Andy! Always inspiring me. NExt time you’re in stockholm, would be fun to say hi! :) Love from Kristina

  25. So much yummy food! I love eating this this dish called Shashuka. It has eggs that are poached in stewed tomatoes and it’s absolutely delicious! It’s quite healthy too except it takes some time to cook up.


  26. Lately I eat every mornning porridge with my fav fruits (my recomendation: banana and passion fruit! to die for!!). After eating it I feel so energized and full. That helps me to avoid grab something in the middle of the morning.

  27. Breakfast is my favourite Meal too, so I eat a lot when I wake up. I always start with strawberries, always! Strawberries with whipped cream, with condensed milk… Then I have a coffee with milk, and after that I eat something with whole grains and chocolate. ;) As you see, I eat a lot, but eating that way in the morning makes me eat less the rest of the day, so I get a healthy diet at the end.

    The Fashion Brook

  28. Welcome to the club Andy! I also have some food intolerances plus I’m no the diabetes diet so it seems that my daily menu is quite limited and I should probably start eating air. But it’s quite the opposte actually. All those intolerances encourage me to experiment in the kitchen and made me even more aware of what I stuff myself with. I’ve read a lot of books on processing food as well as the latest bio/organic craze.

    Since breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day and is supposed to give us that boost of energy to kick off the day, i never ever skip it. I usually don’t have much time for it that’s why all my breakfasts are quick and easy to prepare. For example: sliced mango with goat’s yoghurt an some goji berries juice. Or pear, kiwi and some almonds with yoghurt. I also have another favourite snack (that is actually perfect for any time of the day in my opinion): crispy bread/any other/a baguette will do as well, prosciutto di parma or any other ham, mozzarella, tomatoes and some herbs. The snack can also be topped with some pesto. And it’s really yummy.

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