STSC1697STSC1698 STSC1700 Bag: Neri Karra

Pretty in love with my new Neri Karra bag I must confess. I am sorry for the radio silence, this hardly ever happens. Thing is, I have been really busy in Istanbul, completely packed agenda and no time at all to catch up on posts. I came back home today and I am extremely excited to show you what we shot over there. Istanbul is magic!

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85 thoughts on “SOFIA

  1. I loveeeee this bag! It would go so well with the Zara leather jacket I blogged about last Saturday. It’s actually quite similar to the Zara side bag, just smaller I guess.

    Amazing posts as usual, your an inspiration for me! Keep it x

  2. The bag is lovely really and you’ve chosen a wonderful background for it. Can’t wait to see the photos from Istanbul.


  3. Hi! How cool, that bag, I love it.
    It seems nice, Istanbul. Can’t wait to see your other pictures! :)


    Take a look on my (Dutch) blog:

  4. Those pictures are amazing. I’m absolutely in love with the location. Can’t wait to see all your other photos from Istanbul. xx

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