Sweater: Just Cavalli

I made a post in December on the best sweaters on the end of season sale. Obviously and as usual I didn’t make my mind up in time and all the sweaters I loved were gone before I could click buy. Of all of them, this one kind of stuck with me and I cant understand why. I am not normally into Cavalli I gotta admit, I am more of a, well you know, black and white person and this is kind of out of my comfort zone, very much so.
I tried tracking it down on all websites I could, but it was nowhere to be seen and I went trough this period of: Why the heck didn’t I buy it when I had the chance? I even had it on my cart a couple of times. You probably know the feeling.
This must be meant to be, as my friend Neri found it for me 2 days ago, boom, be mine!!!

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27 thoughts on “LONG LOST

  1. i’m glad you bought it, because it’s something different, something we haven’t seen on you yet, so i’m really looking forward to how you style it! :)

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