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My little mess is…No seriously though, ask my Mother, my Sister, my Dad and Brother, I am an organized freak, even touch the boarders of a mild OCD. I mean I like things in their place, I like picture frames straight on the wall, I don’t like mess but that doesn’t make me a weirdo, does it?…I’ve always been like this. I just don’t see the need of having clothes and stuff thrown around everywhere, I enjoy the esthetics of a clean and organized space, don’t you?
Life is a little different these days and I blame my lack of space due to small European apartments. The point is, my beloved home is a complete mess, not because I want to, but because I really have no space to put things away and its driving me a little nuts, never mind the mild OCD reaching its limits of tolerance.
Some days I feel like giving everything away and starting from scratch, other days I realize how this idea is completely outrageous as I try to squeeze yet another blazer into my already overcrowded closet…Will I ever wear this blazer again though? Probably not but its so beautiful! What if I wake up sometime in October with an urge for it and realize I no longer have it, because I gave it away -which has happened before-. But then again, if I don’t get over this fear, I will end up drowning in stuff sometime soon.

Some Saturday thoughts….

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  1. This is the story of my life. I’m 19 and I’ve just given away the last stuffed animals from my childhood !
    But you know what ? I was at Prada the other day and I saw this gorgeous dress with a 60’s style skirt, which reminded me of a dress I had in this style. I got sooo inspired about new ways to wear the dress, only to realize I had given it away a few years ago.

    I’ll stop there with the story telling but I’ve learned my lesson, I’m back to taking a few years of cogitation before I give something away !

    Love the contrast of the top versus bottom in the outfit by the way ;).

    Iman || http://www.manigazer.com

  2. There is an unwritten rule which says that you should get rid of things that you haven’t used in a year. It may sound a Little harsh but I particularly follow it and it has become some sort of a habit for me.

    I usually give the stuff I don’t use to people in need, which also makes me feel a lot better, of course I regret it sometimes and remember with love and melancholy a blouse or a pair of boots, but hey! I can always buy some new ones!! And there is no better feeling than the feeling of buying new stuff!

  3. Omg!!! Relateeeee!!!! I have a half sister that came along and she’s just so messy! Lol!!! Cos she’s lazy to do it so. :3 ok uhm

  4. Realmente te entiendo Andy, es muy difícil deshacerse de ropa, zapatos, etc. A mi me sucede exactamente igual, a veces intentó organizar lo que tengo, veo prendas que hace mucho tiempo no me pongo pero curiosamente pienso que quizá algún día las necesitaré.
    Que tengas suerte organizando tus cosas.


  5. If I’m at home a lot, I will always keep my room clean. I wash my dishes before I eat. I’m that kind of girl. But if I’m staying at my boyfriend’s for a couple of evenings, I tend to let my room get a little on the messy side!!!

    Lorrie Loves

  6. Aw, I’m sorry that you’re getting frustrated with the mess… I must say that I am quite a messy person naturally, but I always try and keep the common living area tidy because I don’t want to be a burden to my roommates.

    Love your simple outfit – it’s very cute!

  7. ah you’re the opposite of me. I’m super messy but when I am willing to put my things I really ranks ♥
    otherwise your nice look ♥

  8. Love this casual look! Those ripped jeans are awesome and the button down shirt is a great piece to pair with different outfits.


  9. European apartments are small by US standards, even by older standards. I grew up in Central European beautiful huge 1920s apartment and the rooms were airy. I shared the room with my sister but there was a lot of space to play, dance, breath. I moved to UK and sudden shock. What’s Golden Lane at Prague Castle as tourist attraction it is called normal sized house in London and suburbs. The double room is broom room where you park your double bed, 1 suitcase and you’re lucky to walk around with your body sized UK 6. As Czech-British I have moved to USA in 2008 and guess what? Abroad, yes, less mess with furniture, renting, all that maintenance and of course huge closets. Also cheaper rents, if you skip Manhattan or certain zip codes. I gave up a walk in closet of huge size because I travel, but I still need to have winter/summer wardrobe and store it. Shame, but true. Any post about your closet, how you declutter clothes, pack the clothes…Nice weekend.

  10. Oh Andy, :/ one of the problems of being a fashion lover </3
    I hope you can find a solution though! :)
    Love the pics, and what you are wearing, you look so comfy :) ♥

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