AndyTorresBlueAndyTorresBlue3 AndyTorresBlue6 AndyTorresBlue2 AndyTorresBlue4 AndyTorresBlue5 AndyTorresBlue9 AndyTorresBlue7 AndyTorresBlue8I’M WEARING  >> Dress: H&M Trend  |  Boots: Balenciaga  |  Bag: Neri Karra

Visiting the Blue Mosque was quite an amazing experience and by amazing, I mean mind blowing… I have to confess I had never been into a Mosque before and we ended up here out of chance because the agenda was quite packed. Since we didn’t plan to visit the mosque on this day and I wasn’t really dressed appropriately to go in, I stuck to admiring it from the outside and came back the next day a little more covered. Being exposed to different cultures and religions is incredible and sometimes a little confusing as you don’t know how you are supposed to react towards certain situations.
I can assure you though, I will never forget this place…Ever…

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114 thoughts on “BLUE MOSQUE

  1. me encanta tu eclecticismo. Es perfecta la manera en que mezclas un vestido ultra femenino con encaje con las espectaculares botas Balenciaga que le dan un toque masculino y la chaqueta de cuero que remite al motociclismo. Perfect!!!

  2. Hi Andy,

    I was born and raised in Istanbul. Being married to a Romanian guy, I took many foreign visitors/relatives to that area and we never had any issues getting in. The most they do is to give you a scarf to cover your hair. And your photographed attire (i.e. wearing the leather jacket) seems perfectly appropriate to enter the mosque! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit regardless. Warm greetings from Denmark!


  3. My favorite building in Istanbul. If you ever would have chance to visit it in time of a prayer – do it! It is unforgettable.

  4. Andy ¡enserio me muero de ganas por ir a Turquía!, que padre que tengas la oportunidad de poder tomarte fotos tan bellas en ese lugar. Por cierto el vestido me encantó, enserio esta muuuuuy padre :).

  5. Welcome to Turkey, Istanbul. :) Because I am from Turkey, Istanbul. I’m so glad you came here. You must go to the Maiden’s Tower, Galata Tower, The Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar, etc. Also you must ride the vaporetto, eat fish on bread. Have a good time!

  6. Blue mosque is beautiful but what is trully amazing is Hagia sophia – that place has me lost for words and keeps me ‘calling’ back for more…cant get enough. I would highly suggest visiting that place. It’s pure magic. And oh…dont forget the cisterns!!!

    Sandra from

  7. Love your dress! I’ve been in Blue Mosque during my Turkey trip, it was amazing! I wore headscraf visiting the mosque’s inside. That’s important for their religion.

  8. I really love this photos, you look amazing in these dress!
    All the best :)


  9. Beautiful dress, beautifully styled, in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. Istanbul is one of my favorite cities, and I can’t wait to go back.

  10. You didn’t mention where is this Mosque ?

    I love what you’re wearing, you look very chic and elegant, you have Muslim readers right here, and we love you <3

  11. I have never been in a mosque but I know that the dress code is really important even if maybe what is covered for us is not the same for their, but meet different cultures is anyway amazing! I love this shots, are so…superb!

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  12. Fantastic photography. I love the contrast of the punky, all-black outfit with the beige smoothness of the mosque. I’ve never had the chance to visit a mosque, but love ancient architecture. I’ll remember to add mosques to my must-sees in new cities :)

    The What’s In Between

  13. Wow, I am astonished by the beauty of these photos ! What an amazing post. Really stunning! I love that dress so much And I hope I will find it in our local H&M. Adore adore adore this post dear xx

  14. Love love love the outfit! Such a gorgeous and sexy dress. Definitely rocking it.


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