AndyTorresSkirt4 AndyTorresSkirt3 AndyTorresSkirt9 AndyTorresSkirt8 AndyTorresSkirt2 AndyTorresSkirtI’M WEARING >> Skirt: ZARA  |  Blazer: Vintage Ralph Lauren  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Shoes: MANGO

I am a bit confused at the moment. I just came back home, but I am posting a look from Milan and I still have more to show you from there. I guess I got a little behind schedule considering I have been working/traveling non stop for the past two weeks. I cant wait to get back to “normality” for a bit, get back to our office and get back on a roll with my training routine.

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113 thoughts on “UNIFORM

  1. I already spired this perfect skirt and I’m completely in love with the way you wear it.
    I would imagine it with a black perfecto and a little black bra but your style is very pretty

  2. I think you should use another filter for your photos, since they turn out unrealistic and not so pretty-your face is unfortunately yellow and brownish on my computer.Just a friendly advice;-)

    1. Thank you for the feedback dear, it definitely didn’t look brown in my computer so maybe it’s the color caliber in different computers that make it look different. Xx

      1. Maybe you could, if you have that opportunity, see the photos when you prepare them for publishing, on another screen, so you get the idea on how they really look.
        I have the same problem with my photos- I thought they look perfect when I did them and when I saw them on friend’s computer, I was shocked :-D
        Keep rocking, babe, I hope I helped!

  3. Hey Andy!
    I always love your outfits, you are just so good at layering and mixing prints and colors!

    I scrolled down the post as fast as I could to see where your skirt comes from, I find it amazing! I cannot believe it’s from Zara, it looks like a designer skirt – at least on your pictures -! I m going to run to the store as soon as it’s 10 am!! :)



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