AndyTorresCap3 AndyTorresCap7 AndyTorresCap8 AndyTorresCap6 AndyTorresCap4 AndyTorresCap5I’M WEARING >> Dress/shirt: H&M Trend  |  Leather Pants: Jose Sanchez  |  Bag: Alexander Wang  |  Varsity Jacket: American College  |  Cap: Bought in NY  |  Boots: ZARA

Have you ever felt as if you were about to break into a rebellious period? By that I DONT mean you suddenly feel an urge to vandalize the streets, cover your face with tattoos or get arrested. What I mean is getting into a period where you feel you are about to break free, to be who you really want to be.
That sounds a bit dramatic but the other day my best friend told me: ” I can tell you are about to break into a rebellious period”, as I was sticking a temporary anchor tattoo on my arm. I thought about it all day and he was right, I can feel an urge for a change.
I guess the older I get, the more I realize what are the true priorities in life and most importantly, Im starting to care a little more about my gut feeling, listen to it a little more often. I don’t feel the urge to cover my face with tattoos or start playing heavy rock music on loud speaker, but I do feel the urge to speak my mind, say yes or no when I want to and have the freedom to be who I really want to be, despite what other people think.
At the end of the day, we are the ones who have to walk on our own shoes and the only ones who really get to live through the consequences of our own actions and decisions. I guess its a personal journey, to get to that moment of “rebellion”, or maybe its more like liberation, to be, love and do whatever it is you want to be, love and do, even if you get hurt in the process because life is a lesson and the more you fall, the better you will become at standing up again. Personally I am happy I am close to that moment and maybe I even get an extra tattoo…I definitely wont vandalize the streets tho…

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111 thoughts on “TIMES LIKE THESE

  1. Love this post. I’ve been feeling that way lately too and fashion is such a great way to express that. I’ve been wanting to wear my ripped jeans more and wear different things that are a little more edgy.
    Great post as always!

  2. Yes, whatever decision you make, there’s always consequences. The most important is that you’re able to live with that decision and all consequences. As long as you’re able to be answerable to yourself, nothing else matters. Through life journey, you learn to love know yourself more each day. Being rebellious is ok at times and just as long as no one is hurt physically while you’re at it =D
    I like how you wear your dress/top. Definitely a hint of being rebellious and unique at the same time =)

  3. Beautiful pictures Andy! And yes I know that feeling very well, haha I try to ignore it, but it doesn’t go away, maybe it’s time to get a little crazy ;)

  4. It truly is a personal journey and people will only really understand whay you feel tull we get there…. Hope ill be there soon…

  5. British punk was born on the base of rebellion against stereotype and society, but rebels used their fashion and hair style to show their attitude and opinions. I like your outfit, it isn’t so much staged or visibly brand like showcase as many mainstream bloggers do,but I dislike tattoos. Please, no.

  6. Oh my god wow! I am so stunned by this look, it’s beyond amazing! Great lace top and I adore how you layered this shirt underneath xx

  7. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, todos necesitamos en algún momento de nuestras vidas ese periodo de cambio interno. En cuanto al look, me apasiona como has combinado el top de encaje con esa camisa/vestido. Estás guapísima! Un beso


  8. Love the black & white varsity jacket. You definitely feel more comfortable in your skin the older you get – you no longer say yes just to conform, you feel at ease sitting by yourself in a cafe, & you start doing what YOU want to do!
    Hugs xoxo

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