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Sunglasses: Celine

I went through a period of being utterly obsessed with sunglasses, well I still am, but sort of got fixated in one model that worked for me and sticked to it for a couple of years. I tend to do that whenever I find something I really like and I don’t find any problem in that, at the end of the day, I don’t buy things to just wear them once and instead, I make them a part of my every day (e.g. my Proenza Schouler bag which I adore).
I recently spotted this Celine glasses somewhere on the web, boom, love at first sight -or more like obsession at first sight-, but its not easy to find the right Celine glasses, they gotta be hunted down. I have a theory and that is; Whenever something you really love finds its way to you, it was meant to be and that’s what happened with these. There was no way I was gonna let them go…

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84 thoughts on “SUNNY SIDE UP

  1. these look great on you, but buying sunglasses online is a little …well…tricky bcs they come in different sizes and unless you know your size then that’s fine, but i happened to find out that not same sizes match me.
    however talking about one love-you piece of accessory or clothing or whatever that is – I couldnt agree more – I get attached or say – confortabl and then they become my to-go pieces.

    Sandra from

  2. I know what you mean, I used to buy things that I knew I would never wear more than once, but now I try to wear all the things I own in my every day life, especially some favorite bags that I love. Those sunglasses are so beautiful, great choice, Andy! XOXO

  3. This sounds so familiar to me.
    Whenever I see something really gorgeous and it´s love at first sight I just got to have it. And when I can´t buy it immediately I get obsessed with it even more and imagine 1000 of ways how to include this garment in my outfits etc.
    But sometimes after a week or a month I ( luckily ) get over my crush :)

    xx Julia

  4. Awesome sunglasses! sunglasses really add to the whole outfit. I love my Ray Ban wayfarers. Classic


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