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I have been filming in Brazil for the past 2 days and I feel so incredibly lucky to be here and to be able to have an opportunity like this. Only 2 days and I already have met incredible people here, I was already in love with the portuguese language and now I am even more obsessed. I have promised myself to learn a few sentences before I go back to Amsterdam and the lucky thing is, the language is so similar to Spanish so chances are I do learn something before I leave.
While filming some scenes for the TV show, we managed to snap these photos on the rooftop of Edificio Copan which is one of the most iconic buildings in São Paulo. I was styled by one of Brazils best known stylists, Walerio Araujo who is a total character, you would have to meet him to see what I mean, he is amazing!.
Felt so good being up there, Like I was on top of the world for a little bit.

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


179 thoughts on “SÃO PAULO

  1. I knew you’ll love Brasil!!! And I love so much the fact you loved portuguese language! When will you come to Portugal? Xoxo Susana

  2. You look totally gorgeous in this dress. I’ve not been to Brazil and it’s definitely in my bucket list. I’m glad I’ve a glimpse of it through your blog =)

  3. Such an amazing dress – the details on the body are incredible and u do look gorgeous wearing it. I can only imagine how u felt shooting on the rooftop in such outfit – it must have been emotional and fun at the same time.

    Sandra from http://www.chicplaisir.com

  4. I can teach you some word, portuguese or brazilian is so similar, but don’t say that the spanish is equal… spanish people don’t like that :p

  5. These pictures are beyond words beautiful. The dress is gorgeous and just looks so stunning on you. I can’t wait to see a video with it!

    Amazing job


  6. Enjoy Sao Paulo! It looks like the weather is treating you well. You look gorgeous in that dress!

  7. My mouth is wide opened while admiring at all the stunning pictures. Nothing more I can say really.

  8. It’s really cool se you in my city! I hope you enjoyed the crazy São Paulo! If you want to learn portuguese I can help you! LOL!

    Nice pics e nice dress!

  9. That outfit is a-m-azing!!!! WOW WOW WOW! And with that view too, very lucky!!!

    Great post!


    Amy, X.

  10. Wow, Andy, I am in love with this look on you! Matter of the fact, I just got inspired to do a new DIY project…to remake this dress! Incredible!

  11. Girl, look ate those legs!! Holy mother…
    That dress is so fantastic. The pearls are a beautiful detail (:
    I’m glad you love the Portuguese language! It’s a difficult language to learn, but since you speak Spanish, it won’t be that hard.

    Enjoy your stay in São Paulo!

    love, maria

  12. Apaixonada por esse modelo do Walério Araújo ♥
    E essa vista da cidade? É linda! :)

    Bj Thaís,

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