Runaway bride…I’d probably ring those bells if I ever wore this dress out and no, I have no plans of walking down the aisle any time soon either so as much as I wanted to take this dress home with me, I left it in the store. Damit! Did I make a mistake for letting it go? I am starting to regret it… No, breathe, its ok, they didn’t have my size and this one was one size too big.
Shit, that justification isn’t really helping.

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78 thoughts on “RUNAWAY BRIDE

  1. This dress is so gorgeous! Are you sure it’s a weddingdress though? I would definitely wear this on a crazy day hahaha, alright maybe that’s a little ‘too much’…. However I think this is such a lovely dress, it’s different from all the other weddingdresses which makes it even more beautiful :)

  2. my my gosh. the dress is beyond perfection. it looks amazing on you- even if it’s a little big.
    I would regret it too – if I’d seen myself in it and it looked as good as it does on you. but I never tried it on :)
    it is amazing..

  3. Oh my god, normally I don’t leave comments on ‘famous’ blogs (;-)), but this time I HAD to! You look so stunning in this dress Andy! Maybe it’s just because everything looks good on you! Gaawd you look beautiful, as always! XOXO

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