169 thoughts on “L’AMOUR

  1. Very clear and beautiful photographs. These are some great shot I must say. You’re like a beautiful black swan in a couple of them :)

  2. Hi Andy,
    I really love this great black tulle skirt. I have a mint green and another apricot skirt myself. Tulle skirts are so feminine, easy to combine and make every look unique.
    Absolute cool!
    xoxo Juliane

  3. omg – as soon as I log on ur site I could see the tiny bit of the ornamented green column which instantly brought me back the memories from my last trip to Paris – which was magical and I remember standing and posing near these columns over and over again…I honestly couldnt get over their beauty and the work that’s been put it…it’s incredible!!!

    The outfit is lovely – i think it must have been super confortable wearing this amazing full lenght skirt :)

    Best wishes ;)

    Sandra from http://www.chicplaisir.com

  4. Wow. This has to be my favorite post of you so far. The pictures are just amazing!!
    Gorgeous Andy. You look happy :)

  5. oh my goodness if i were ever to admit that i was in love with an outfit, this would most definitely be the one. the movement that you captured of the skirt is just breathtaking and your minimalist take on styling a skirt with such volume is sheer perfection. i am so tempted to buy this skirt you don’t even know!


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