PB5 PB4 PB6 PB9 PB7 PB15 PB11 PB3 PB8 PB2 PB12 PB1 PB14 PB10Ph by Gerard Estadella   Cristian Pena & Cup of Couple

As a part of my mini world tour, I got to travel to Madrid last week for the unveiling of the Madrid Tennis Open Ball Boys and Girls uniforms designed by Pull & Bear. I was one of the ambassadors for this party, alongside Spanish Actor Quim Gutierrez, Miranda Makaroff and British singer Eliot Sumner…Palm trees everywhere, a cute bar tender was serving Pisco Sour’s out of a blue caravan, everyone was dancing crazy and although I lost my voice due to all the air conditioning while traveling, I had such an amazing and fun night.

It was my second time in Madrid, but my first time really getting to see more of the city. I have to say I completely fell in love, what a beautiful place!

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84 thoughts on “IN MADRID FOR PULL & BEAR

  1. It must have been so cool :D And you truly look happy on the pictures ! You, Lucky Duck, I wish I were invited to such a cool event ;)

    Kisses from Germany !



  2. Que guapos todos!

    Adoro a Quim Gutierrez y a Cup of Couple,ambos son un amor!

    Espero que lo pasaras genial y disfrutaras muchisimo!

    Besitos Andy!

  3. Oh, i really love your look! and the t-shirts of the bartenders are great! Gracias Andy por tus fotos, me encantan!!

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