SpoonsI went through a face of collecting coffee mugs from all the cities I have been to, the problem was, my mug cupboard started to overflow and now there are mugs EVERYWHERE, which left my roommate very unimpressed. I love collecting stuff, I have done it since I was a little girl and as an adult, I wanted to collect something that was very representative of all the experiences I’ve been having in the past few years.
This February it occurred to me that I could collect something I have always ignored at tourist shops before, you know, those cute little silver spoons. Brilliant idea! They’re small and they sell them eeeeeverywhere you go, they are easier to store than coffee mugs and they are quite pretty.
Sadly I couldn’t find one when I went to Brazil and I didn’t have enough time In Milan to go buy one, but my small collection is effectively growing and I am so happy about it!

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  1. HI! I’m form Argentina and I also collect spoons or something small which represents the place I visit. Spoons are great! I want to make sort of frame to hang them and use that to decorate the house. I like your blog though I never commented.

  2. Your idea was so awesome!
    They are so beautiful to make a collection!
    You have to find one in Portugal :)

  3. I used to collect coffee mugs too, but i had to stop due to i didn’t have enough space as well…such a pity ;(

  4. I also collect spoons! Not quite from cities that I have been too (perhaps since I haven’t been too that many) but cool silver spoons in general. It’s definitely a better alternative to the mugs! :D

  5. This is a great alternative to the coffee mugs collection ;) I also never paid attention to the spoons, but I see these are really pretty. I am collecting snowing crystal balls from the places I visited ;)

  6. I come from a family of collectors!! We collect silver spoon (and also have a custom made rack for them), shot glasses and magnets for our fridge (which is pretty much covered with them)!

  7. Since 2012 while in Europe I started collecting those Robin Ruth Bags from all the cities I went (ok not every city)… I guess besides all the shoes I bought it was one of the reasons my bag was almost overweighted.

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