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I have been in Milan for 2 days, was in Brazil for 7 and I am flying to Madrid this morning for 2 more days. I love traveling, I REALLY do but I have to say, I miss sleeping in my own bed, cooking homemade meals, taking baths in my beloved bathtub, going for runs -as I am supposed to-, choosing clothes from my closet rather than a suitcase and just sitting on my couch watching something on Netflix. Just 2 more days and I get to go home for a bit.
I hope you are all having an amazing day so far.

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104 thoughts on “BELLA ITALIA

  1. Hi Andy, I followed you a couple of yrs back and then I went MIA for a while. I’m back on your blog now and I must say that you are still one of my fave bloggers.
    you miss your home and instead I am here wishing I was traveling the world like you.
    much love from NYC.

  2. I am completely in love with your boots! The rest of the outfit is pretty nice too. And I couldn’t agree more, traveling is awesome but the comfort of home is very much missed

  3. I understand you. I travel lot, too, and when I wake up in the morning I have to realize in what bed I’m in, and I dream free time at my own home.
    Home sweet home.

  4. Cette robe est superbe la veste est magnifique les bootes sont hyper jolie les photos sont sublimes c’est un look de grande classe

  5. You guys have netflix in Italy? I miss it so much and now I’m not able to use it in Germany, ughhhh.
    Gorgeous outfit by the way!


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